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Badminton star Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia has been appointed as a United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) goodwill ambassador.

He is being named as an ambassador shows that badminton has become a more popular sport. There are many well known celebrities who have also been appointed as ambassador. It is a job that involves someone to be well-rounded and a caring individual.

It's great to see the number one ranked player in the world Lee Chong Wei to be appointed to this position. It as well is good for his home country of Malaysia and the sport of badminton.

Lee Chong Wei is joining a distinguished organization by being named a UNICEF Goodwill ambassador. There have been several other prominent celebrities to be named as UNICEF Goodwill ambassadors. For example, David Beckham, Roger Federer, Jackie Chan and Whoopi Goldberg are all currently goodwill ambassadors for UNICEF.

Roger Federer is currently the No. 2 ranked tennis player in the world and has been an ambassador since 2006. He was chosen because of his many efforts toward helping out charities. He has established the Roger Federer Foundation which helps raise funds for projects for disadvantage children and to raise interest in sports for kids in South Africa.

He also was in a public service announcement in 2006 by UNICEF goodwill ambassador for the Unite for Children Unite Against Aids campaign Africa. David Beckham became a UNICEF ambassador in 2005. He has been involved in helping to launch the UNICEF UK End Child Exploitation Campaign and the UNICEF Sports development program.

UNICEF is an international organization that is represented throughout various countries in the world. The UNICEF goodwill ambassadors program began in 1954 with Danny Kaye. The purpose of the program is for celebrities to use their popularity to draw attention to UNICEF issues that they care about.

The celebrities throughout the years have created many original and good programs and charities to help with serious issues. The issues they help have included HIV/AIDS awareness, orphans, education, child obesity, and Malaria.

Lee Chong Wei being chosen as a UNICEF ambassador is great for badminton. Those picked to be UNICEF ambassadors have to be well-known celebrities with accomplished careers. His being chose shows that being a badminton star can help give you well good opportunities outside sports. This also draws more interest to badminton because of the prestige that comes with being named a UNICEF ambassador.

Likewise, this will introduce the number one badminton player in the world Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia to new audiences of people that do not watch badminton. It as well gives a good image to badminton athletes because it shows that badminton athletes are good people and care about the many important issues that exist in the world especially those considering young people.

Lee Chong Wei is happy about the opportunity to be a UNICEF ambassador. He does seem to realize how importance of this position. He has seen through past examples of ambassadors that you can truly make a difference as an ambassador.

His new celebrity and the resources available to him can help him create programs and charities that can truly make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged children.

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