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Badminton Zine, Issue #107 -- Why do people FAIL to meet their fitness goals?
June 14, 2011

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Issue #107, 14th June 2011


Below is an article contributed by my good friend Jason Squires, the founder of I thought this was an important topic to share with you because you can easily avoid ALL of the reasons mentioned. ______

The Top Fitness Failure Factors, and how to AVOID them by Jason Squires, certified Personal Trainer and Diet & Nutrition Advisor.

Hi guys, Jason here. This article has been taken from our exclusive Motivate Me NOW programme. It briefly goes over the top five reasons why people fail to meet their fitness goals. Without further ado, lets begin the countdown starting with number 5...


Most people don't have a degree in sports science, or hold an advanced diploma in Personal Training. Some have only just started exercising. So, during the 'I'm a beginner' stage, people are going to need some form of guidance so they can exercise correctly. Most, however, have this strange little thing called 'pride', which holds them back and stops them getting the advice and tuition they need.

However, when you become a client of Squires Fitness, you will have access to an expert Personal Trainer to ask any question your heart desires and to put you firmly on the road to success.

4. Insufficient knowledge of NUTRITION

A person can be exercising 3 times a week and putting in 110% effort during their workouts, but they still don't see any real results. This is because they haven't taken their diet into consideration. Your diet is AS IMPORTANT to reaching your fitness goals as exercising is.

Again, with Squires Fitness, you have access to a team of Diet and Nutrition Advisors who will guide and advise you on how to tweak your diet to meet your goals, and ensure that you do get the results you want.

3. Expectations are set TOO HIGH

When I first stepped into a gym, aged 19, I quickly became discouraged after performing sit ups 3 times a week for several weeks, but I hadn't achieved six pack abs as I thought I would… At that point, the towel was thrown in. I momentarily quit my routine until I learnt what was actually possible and discovered what was necessary in order to attain six pack abs. I also learnt to manage my expectations; my initial expectations were just too high.

Most people are also like this, they exercise for a few weeks, realise they haven't got the beach body they thought they would, and end up quitting. Rome wasn't built in a day… And your ideal body will probably take a little longer to achieve than you initially expected – BUT IT IS VERY POSSIBLE AND VERY ACHIEVABLE.

Over a 12 week period (which is the duration of your Squires Fitness Workout Programme) you can expect to lose between 12-20lbs (if your goal is weight loss) or add an additional 12-18lbs of lean muscle (if you are looking to build muscle).

What you want to accomplish is possible, it just may take a little longer to get there than you initially expected.


This point is similar in nature to the previous one. When people begin to exercise and don't see results overnight, they become discouraged and fail to follow their exercise routine as rigidly as they should.

So, they may follow a programme for 3 weeks, have a week off, feel bad, then try again and exercise for 3 more weeks, have a week off, and so on...

In order to combat this, a workout programme must be followed to the letter. Consistency is the key when striving towards your ideal body.

Try to forget that you are trying to get slim, or build muscle (or whatever your goal). The results will come; you just need to focus on following the programme we have provided for you.

And finally…The number one reason why people FAIL to meet there fitness goals is...

1. Failure to define proper GOALS at the outset...

Yup, the number one reason for people failing to reach their fitness goals is failing to define proper goals at the outset.

But what is defined as a 'proper goal'? Well, in order to answer this, an entire section of the Motivate Me NOW guide is dedicated to goal setting.

Goal setting is your starting point. The very first thought impulse you had which may have been similar to 'I really do need to lose some weight' or 'I would love to have bigger biceps' will be your starting

point. This initial thought impulse is used when crafting your goal. Once your goal is set, you can then build your programme around it.

Goal setting is your foundation for all future action. In another section in the Motivate Me NOW guide, we will discuss how to effectively make your foundation as strong as possible.

At Squires Fitness, we want to make sure you succeed. Therefore, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee in place to ensure that every single one of our clients gets results. We’re that confident.

Get on board now to ensure none of these failure factors hinder your attempts at getting in the best shape of your life ever again:

To your continued success,

Jason Squires Certified Personal Trainer Certified Nutrition Specialist Founder, Squires Fitness ____________

And there we go!

Head on over to now to get started.

Till next time,
Chau Yap

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