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Badminton Zine, Issue #034 -- The system is finally ready!
November 17, 2009

The system is finally ready!

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Issue #034, 17th November 2009


We have been receiving a lot of request on this for a long time already and now it's finally ready.

The affiliate system for our Badminton Drills Ebook is finally up and running.

Now you can promote our ever popular 'Sure Fire Badminton Drills' to your family, friends or anyone and earn a 30% commission on each sales.

Isn't that great?

Promoting something that you like while earning some income along the way?

Joining this program is of course free. So visit our affiliate sign up page today and start making some money! :)

Please click the below link to go to the affiliate sign up page:

Affiliate Sign Up

Warmest Regards,
Chau Yap

P.S. Here is the affiliate link again:

Affiliate Sign Up

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