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Badminton Zine, Issue #036 -- You have to read this!
January 18, 2010

You have to read this!

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Issue #036, 19th January 2010


I have great news to announce.

My friend Emmet Gibney and Peter Rasmussen have just launched the Badminton Life Website. They have the same mission as we do.

That is to increase Badminton's popularity throughout the World and help you play better!

I am not sure you know Emmet from Canada but I am quite sure you can recognise the name Peter Rasmussen.

Yes he is the Danish badminton player who won the 1997 World Championship Title. Rasmussen ranks among the best Danish badminton players of all time. Truly amazing!

To check out their site just click:

Badminton Life

Let's all make Badminton a better place... :)

Warmest Regards,
Chau Yap

P.S. Want to find out more about Rasmussen? Just click the link below:

Badminton Life

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