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Badminton Zine, Issue #053 -- Jump Smash Revisited!
April 30, 2010

Jump Smash Revisited!

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Issue #053, 30th April 2010


Did you enjoy the Cross Court Net Shot video yesterday?

Well if you did, I am sure you would love today's video too.

We have the Jump Smash video for you!

The jump smash is the most powerful shot in badminton, and will scare your opponents like no other shot.

This sample video is from the Essentials of Badminton Technique course.

Click on the link below to watch:

The Jump Smash!

A few months ago Peter Rasmussen launched his technique training course covering the essentials of badminton technique. The course was very popular, the initial batch of DVDs was sold out and he had to get some more made.

Also, because he was not able to ship DVDs to many countries a lot of people were not able to get the course. Well starting Monday, May 3rd he will be re-launching the technique course with shipping anywhere in the world.

To celebrate this re-launch he will also be offering a discount of 15% for one week only.

Here is your sample again:

The Jump Smash!

Remember, starting Monday, May 3rd he will be re-launching the course with shipping anywhere in the world and a 15% discount.

Warmest Regards,
Chau Yap

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