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Badminton Zine, Issue #006 -- What's New!
February 07, 2007

Latest addition of interesting Badminton Articles

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Issue #006, February 7th 2007


I have added four new badminton articles today that i think would interest you and might help you improve your game.

The Importance Of Exposure

Every Badminton player needs exposure to become a recognizable and establish player. The amount of exposure a player has can determine his/her performance in a game...

The Importance of Jogging & Sprinting

The game of Badminton requires lots of physical fitness and speed to endure long rallies and tough matches. Without the physical fitness, a player will have difficulties to keep up with the long rallies and the fast pace of the game...

The Importance of Physical Toughness

It is highly important for badminton players to be tough, mentally and physically. Other than having fast speed and sharp skills, a player needs to have the physical toughness as well...

Benefits from the Half Court Singles Game

Playing half court singles can bring lots of benefits for a badminton player. You can have fun while improving your game...

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