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Badminton Zine, Issue #071 -- Itís out today...
September 09, 2010

Itís out today...

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Issue #071, 9 September 2010


Ok, Iíve read Jagoís new Badminton fitness training program from cover to cover and itís great and on sale now...

It really does make you realize how much being fitter can improve your game and if youíre not fit enough what an opportunity youíre missing. Even the simplest of exercises can make a huge difference to the way you play.

What I like about Jagoís program is that itís been written just for Badminton. It isnít just a rehashed program thatís been made in to a Badminton training program, itís the real deal. I know he plays regularly himself and so as an experienced personal trainer, he really does know his stuff.

In the book, (Itís over 113 pages long) there are loads of ways to improve every area of your fitness, with chapters on stretching, working the core, improving the strength and power in the forearms and shoulders as well as workouts you can do at home, your local gym, on court or outdoors.

You can read more about it here Ė

Badminton Fitness Training Program

He really doesnít miss anything out at all. I think itís a must for any Badminton fan who wants an instant boost to their performance.

Oh one more thing, if you decide to buy it, it is fully guaranteed. I wouldnít recommend anything to you that didnít have this back up, so if you decide after youíve bought it that itís not right for you then you can just ask for a refund straight away and I know heíll honor that no questions asked.

I forgot to mention that heís agreed to a 25% discount off what heís going to normally sell it for, but only for a few days and youíll see that half way down the page.

Itís well worth a look and a real bargain at that price. To find out more, click here Ė

Badminton Fitness Training Program

Till next time

Chau Yap

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