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Badminton Zine, Issue #075 -- Badminton training - How to get fit to win?
September 24, 2010

Badminton training - How to get fit to win?

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Issue #075, 24 September 2010


A while ago I asked my good friend Jago Holmes if he'd be interested in writing a fitness training program for readers of my newsletter and visitors to my website.

I thought it would be a really good idea because there is nothing like this available anywhere else for us Badminton enthusiasts.

Jago agreed to write one for me and set about putting a program together. As well as being a certified personal trainer in the UK, Jago is also a keen Badminton player himself, so he seemed like the ideal choice.

The fitness program was finally launched and it was very successful. Many people find this manual useful.

Here is a testimonial from one of my customers who had bought and used this manual. It goes like this...

" Hi Chau Yap,

I just bought Jago Holmes' new badminton training program that you recommended.

I tried out some of the exercises especially the one for the smash. When I played last night, I wowed my friends and they asked me what secret training have I done or what food have I been taking.

For a 50 year old badminton enthusiast like me, this training program does make a lot of difference to me.

Thanks for the recommendation. It's a real bargain considering the amount I paid for my son's badminton training under a coach at the moment.

Andrew Lee Perth, Australia "

I think that says a lot about this fitness program.

Anyway I have decided to write my own review of Jago's Ebook 'Badminton Training - How To Get Fit To Win'.

So if you like to read it please click on the link below:

Badminton Fitness Training Program Review

If you would like to see improvements in your game just like how Andrew Lee from Australia did... you can get yourself a copy of this manual now at:

Badminton Fitness Training Program

Till next time

Chau Yap

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