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Badminton Zine, Issue #076 -- Learn from Peter Gade
October 01, 2010

Learn from Peter Gade

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Issue #076, 1 October 2010


I am not sure whether you have read my interview with Peter Gade but if you had then you will know that Peter is now involved in a new badminton project.

This project is called BestOnCourt. Its purpose is to provide a platform for all players and coaches to watch and learn from the videos inside.

These training videos are produced by a team of professional coaches and players. And that includes Peter.

I have also arranged something special for you. From 1 OCT to 1 NOV 2010, you can become a member of BestOnCourt for free.

So if you sign up today you can watch all training videos for free up till 1 NOV 2010. You will not be charged unless you want to continue your membership after that.

Here are the steps to get your Free Membership:

Step 1:

Click on the link below and create new user at the top right hand corner:

Learn from Peter Gade

Step 2:

Create your profile and fill in the information as required.

Step 3:

In the choose membership tab, select 2nd option Invited User. Key in the invitation key on the enter your key field and press the invited user button. Then you will be set up for 1 month of free trial.

Invitation key:


Well it's that simple to get your free trial access. I am sure you will enjoy and treasure all the great training video clips inside.

Best from the BOC Team & Badminton-Information

Peter Gade, Thomas Engholm & Chau Yap

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