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Badminton Zine, Issue #079 -- Christmas gift from Badminton-Information and
December 14, 2010

Christmas gift from Badminton-Information and

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Issue #079, 14 December 2010


You can now watch and learn with Peter Gade free for 1 month with the free access to that I am giving you now.

You just need to create new user or upgrade your existing free user with this invite:


Here are the detailed steps to get your Free Membership if you are not an existing user:

Step 1:

Click on the link below and create new user at the top right hand corner:

Peter Gade -

Step 2:

Create your profile and fill in the information as required.

Step 3:

In the choose membership tab, select 2nd option Invited User. Key in the invitation key on the enter your key field and press the invited user button. Then you will be set up for 1 month of free trial.

Invitation key:


Hope you enjoy, and merry Christmas from Peter Gade, Thomas Engholm and Chau Yap.

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