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Badminton Zine, Issue #080 -- What's your Badminton resolution for Year 2011?
January 19, 2011

What's your Badminton resolution for Year 2011?

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Issue #080, 19 January 2011


I know it's been a late but better than never...

Happy New Year 2011! May all your wishes come true this year.

On the badminton side of things, do you have any new targets or resolutions this year? Do you want to improve your game further?

Well... Andrew Chang our head coach had a busy year in 2010. He was travelling to India and Czech Republic for a few coaching stints.

Some Egypt players came to K.L and train with us too.

So if you would like to invite Andrew and his team to go over to your place and conduct some training camps or you would like to bring a group over to K.L, now it's the time to let us know...

Then we can arrange and plan for you!

Here are some testimonials of Andrew's players:

1. Dear Chau,

Thank you so much for the very pleasant stay I had in K.L, everything was perfectly arranged and I really enjoyed time there, especially the outings we had on Fridays.

As for the training, firstly I’d like to thank Mr. Michael for the place we trained. Of course a special thanks to Andrew … I am really thankful to him ... not only was he a perfect coach who always encouraged me to be better, and I really learnt a lot of beneficial badminton stuff that I hadn’t known before …

And he was definitely able to make me a much better badminton player and made me ready for the youth Olympic games in only 20 days, but also out of court, he is a very good friend too who was really fun to hang out with ;)

He also came to me a month later to Singapore where I was playing the youth Olympic games and due to ONLY his coaching in the tournament, I was able to beat Africa’s no.2 junior player and Europe’s no.5 Holland junior player, and come 2nd in the group after I played with china’s no.1 player a very good match.

Finally I am really thankful to all of you and I am really looking forward to another visit and training program next year.

Yours Faithfully, Mahmoud El-Sayad

2. Andrew Chang

I have known Andrew for one year. He has given me a lot experiences in baminton. He has been still a part of my badminton life and he tries to help me everytime I need. He is very skilled choach and he knows how to work with all skill level players.

I spent 50 days during the summer 2010 in Malaysia with Andrew. He helped me to improve my game. He helped me to grow up my speed, technical skills and movement on court. Everything what I need to be a better player.

I am planning to come back to Malaysia to get a new experience and work on my game. I trust this coach and all things he does.I am looking forward to see him again and train with this top level and very nice coach.

If you choose this coach it is the best choice you can do.

Lukas Zevl, Czech Republic

3. I think Andrew is very good coach and I'm very happy when I can train with him. I like his coaching because he knows how to prepare good program and what player needs to improve.

I feel I have improved after train with Andrew and I think I could be much better if i could train with him for a long time. I would like to continue in teamwork with Andrew.

Zuzana Pavelková, Czech Republic

That kind of sum up what we can do for our players. If you would like to share the same experience like the 3 players mentioned above, contact us now and we'll discuss what's best for your badminton!

Till next time,

Chau Yap

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