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Badminton Zine, Issue #009 -- Badminton Game: Controlling Your Breath
September 24, 2007

Badminton Game: Controlling Your Breath

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Issue #009, September 24th 2007


Most people take breathing exercises for granted. They don't realize the importance of controlling the breath because it is not very spectacular. Actually, badminton is a game that requires a lot of physical and mental strength. To be able to sustain the highest level of fitness on court, you need to know how to control your breathing in the game.

Let's look other sports as well. Other sports such as football, marathon, basketball and others also require breathing skills in order to sustain in the game. Marathon runners often control their breathing while they are running in the race.

They inhale and exhale through their nose during the run. The idea is to consume less energy because the amount of oxygen inhaled and the amount of carbon dioxide exhaled is less. This concept is commonly used by soccer players in order to last the entire duration of the game.

In training, you have to learn to control your breathing. Trainings sessions are usually tougher than normal competition. So, it will be an advantage to you when you know how to control your breathing even in tough situations. To control breathing in badminton, you should breathe through your nose and exhale very slowly.

Competitions can be very tiring and the temperatures are variable. Therefore, in most tournaments held in Asia, the venue is commonly air-conditioned.

It is absolutely imperative that players should know the right way to breathe so that they donít get exhausted easily. That's why even the most well trained athletes in the world sometimes fail in competitions held in cold climates or in an air-conditioned environment due to the wrong breathing technique.

Another advantage of controlling your breathing is it will save your energy. As I mentioned earlier, marathon runners consume less energy when they use their nose to breathe than when they breathe through their mouths.

Why is breathing through the mouth not advisable? The answer is simple. When you breathe through your mouth, the amount of oxygen as well as the energy consumed is a lot. You will get more exhausted if you keep using your mouth to breathe.

A good breathing technique will allow a player to sustain in tough matches and in all kinds of climatic conditions.

Sometimes, you tend to breathe harder before an important match due to nervousness. It is normal to be exhausted when one is nervous because the heart tends to beat faster. Before the start of the match, it is advisable to do some breathing exercises to relax yourself and to reduce your nervousness. It also helps to condition you to the temperature of the venue.

During tournaments in Europe and in air-conditioned stadiums, badminton players tend to tire faster due to low temperatures. Asian players normally experience this difficulty, as the temperatures are so different from their native countries.

In order to survive in all these varied conditions, you need to control your breathing. Most training camps in Asia use air-conditioned playing areas to help players get acclimatized to the playing conditions in Europe and indeed, the rest of the world.

Despite all these facilities, mastering the right breathing techniques is imperative and cannot be substituted. With the right breathing techniques, you can stay focused on the game and keep out all the distracting factors such as the temperature, muscle soreness etc.

The importance of right breathing techniques applies to the European players too, as it helps them to survive in the hot and humid playing conditions in Asia.

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