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Badminton Zine, Issue #002 -- A Recent Coaching Experience
September 30, 2006

A Recent Coaching Experience

Badminton Zine brings you the latest of Kah Shin's thoughts on badminton through his own coaching experience.

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Issue #002, September 30th 2006


It's Kah Shin here! Today i would like to share with you an experience i had from one of my coaching session recently. I feel really happy for a female student of mine, as I discovered that she has improved a lot even though she has been with me for just one and a half month only.

I still can remember when the first time she came to me for coaching lessons, she has no idea of what badminton is all about and she was already 21 years of age. I have to start her off from scratch. So the first lesson I gave her is to learn how to have a correct grip on the racket as it is the fundamental of playing badminton. After she is able to possess a correct gripping of the racket, I move on to teach her how to swing the racket – Overhead Forehand Stroke.

She took quite a while to convince me that she is ready for her next lesson - Badminton Footwork and Movement on Court. Unfortunately, the 1st time she do the footwork drills, she was a bit clumsy and twisted her ankle. Only after a few coaching session whereby her footwork and movement on court improved that I move on to teach her the Underarm Swing/Stroke.

I used the multiple shuttle drill for her to practice on lifting the shuttles from the front court to the base line. She tends to repeat this mistake whereby she land her left leg in front while lifting the shuttle. As she is right handed, she should instead lunge her right leg in front when lifting the shuttle in the front court.

Besides, she complains that her racket is heavy and was not able to lift properly. Furthermore, she likes to reserve her hand to the back while she is hitting the shuttle in front. This is not correct as you need to stretch your hand forward to take the shot.

But until her recent coaching session, I found that she has really improved. She told me that she has heeded my advice and practiced on the footwork drills that I taught her in her own backyard. She also bought a lighter racket. She thanked me and says that as she knows more about the game, the more she like playing badminton.

Being a coach, no other feeling can compare to what I am having now as I see my student progress.It's also great to know that a new soul is starting to like Badminton.

So don’t quit easily if you are struggling in learning new techniques…as long as you have the heart and are prepared to train hard, you will do well in the end...

All the best,
Kah Shin

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