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Badminton Zine, Issue #004 -- What's New!
November 18, 2006

Interview with Former World No.2 - Final

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Issue #004, November 18th 2006


The remaining 3 parts of the interview with Ong Ewe Hock is finally out. I hope that you will enjoy it as much as i do.

PART 3 Interview

In his Part 3 Interview, he talks on the player he likes to watch the most and the all time best player in his view. He also talks on his strengths and weaknesses in Badminton.

PART 4 Interview

In his Part 4 Interview, he talks about his experience with top coaches that he had work with during his international career. He also shared his thoughts on Badminton Coaching as a whole.

PART 5 Interview

In this Part 5 Interview, the last part of the series, he shared his thoughts on a few issues in the international badminton scene as well as the local badminton scene.

That concludes Ong Ewe Hock's Interview but you have certainly not heard the last of him. Will keep you posted on any developments that he is planning. Have a great Weekend!

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