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Sainal Nehwal stunned the World to win the Djarum Indonesia Super Series 2009 championships

Wang Lin of China was defeated by a 19-year-old teenager from India, Saina Nehwal. Saina Nehwal won her 1st first Super Series Open of her Career. Li Chong Wei won the men's singles by defeating Taufik. The only China team that won is Zheng Bo / Ma Jin in the mixed doubles title.

Saina Nehwal's win excited fans of India. Saina Nehwal didn't just get popular over night, she has fast reaction and also high speed movement and is ranked on the world top 10 woman's singles. In 2008, she was named the player with the most potential.

She had a good outing in the Olympic Games in Beijing where she defeated top player Wang Chen of Hong Kong and qualified for the quarter finals. " I hope to be able to ranked in the world top 5 by 2010 and win the Olympic Games in 2012" Saina Nehwal said with a smile and continued, "After all, I'm the World youngest women singles top 10, I have a reason to have hope. "

Saina Nehwal was born in a badminton family. Her parents are local badminton champion. Singh, her father started training Saina Nehwal when she was only 8 years old. At that time, she has to wake up 6 o'clock every morning and father will take her to a training ground 20 km away. 2 hours after the training she had to go to school.

Every day, she basically has to travel 50 kilometers and often fall asleep in the car. Singh also almost fell asleep a few times while driving and this frightened Saina Nehwal's mother. In the end, her mother also had to accompany her daughter to training every day.

Singh is very optimistic about her daughter's progress and said, "She will stand on the platform of the Olympic Games Awards, I have no doubt."

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