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After the Championships, the Local Game Returns

After the excitement of the Scottish and English National Badminton Championships, you would be forgiven for thinking that British Badminton fans may be looking forward to a well-earned relaxing weekend but a quick glance at the amount of tournaments scheduled for the weekend beginning the 8th of February would indicate that this is not the case.

Of course, on the other hand, it makes perfect sense as nothing invigorates and motivates a sports fan more than the sight of an exciting match so perhaps it is perfect timing for all of the tournaments that are lined up to take place.

Some Scottish tournaments immediately catch the eye with the Scottish Universities Badminton Championships taking place at the Wishaw Sports Arena and the tournament starts at 9am on Friday February 8th. The tournament has been considered the place to be to see the up and coming talent of Scottish University students and with Gents Singles and Doubles, Ladies Singles and Doubles as well as Mixed Doubles events taking place, it is sure to offer something for any fan of the sport.

For any budding young Badminton player who may not be old enough to attend University yet, there is also an opportunity to show their skills at the Glasgow & North Strathclyde Junior Championships U15 (1993) with boys and girls singles and doubles tournaments on show. Therefore, if last weeks excitement merely whetted the appetite of Scottish Badminton fans, at least they have a few options to take in some more games this coming weekend.

And whatever Scotland has to offer, it is no surprise that England, with its vastly larger population, offers up many more tournaments for fans and players to partake in.

Badminton England have served up a multitude of Juniors tournaments throughout the country with the North West seeing Silver and Bronze tournaments for the Under 11s, the Under 13s and the Under 15s. As well as this, the Home Counties, Cornwall and Wigan feature heavily in the tournament listings and its refreshing to see the amount of opportunities for young Badminton players to show their skills.

The recent English National Badminton Championships proves there is a strong crop of talent at the top of the game but every sport needs the constant development of the younger generation and it can only be hoped that the next generation will provide as much entertainment and excitement as the current generation.

If however, you are at the opposite end of the spectrum from the Junior players, the West of England Veterans Badminton tournament taking place at the University of Bath may be more to your liking.

So if there are any Badminton fans who feel as though they still need to take in more live action this weekend, there are unlikely to be any complaints about the variety of matches they could take in. If there is to be any complaints made by Badminton fans this months, it is that perhaps there are too many tournaments taking place making it impossible to see everything!

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