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Badminton Basics

This Badminton Basics page is designed for you to understand badminton and start enjoying it. As a beginner, you may feel overwhelmed by the loads of information on this sport.

Well...I felt the same when I first started playing badminton. I tried really hard to learn as much as I could about badminton but it actually slowed down my progress. I guess that is what you call - Information Overload...

I wouldn't want the same to happen to you. In any case, you should enjoy playing this game first while improving gradually. Hence I listed down a few things that I think is important for you as a beginner. So these are the things that in my view, forms the basics that you ought to know before playing your next game.

Invention of Badminton

Basic Badminton Rules

Badminton Basic Skills

Basic Badminton Set

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