Your Special $50 Discount Voucher

As promised, you are getting our very special $50 Discount Voucher for our Badminton Coaching Holidays Package. You will get the chance to train one on one with Badminton Information's Head Coach Andrew Chang. He was formerly under Misbun Sidek's charge. The same coach that train Lee Chong Wei.

So what else do you get in this coaching package? In short, this coaching package is priced at USD 1097 and includes:

  • Transport to and from the airport

  • Coaching fees - 22 hours!

  • Transport to and from the sports centre

  • Court facilities

  • Accommodation - 6 nights

  • Playing partners

  • A trip to the Petronas Towers, or some other attraction in KL

  • A visit to our excellent shop to pick up some badminton bargain

With your $50 Discount Voucher you only need to pay $1047 when you sign up today. You can find out more detailed information on this link but remember to sign up on this page to claim your $50 discount.

Mr. Chau,

It is very nice to have a week in KL for the badminton camp. It had given me a full range of intensive training covering fitness, step and technique.

During the training, I was given opportunities to play with different kind of players and share with each other. It was also a good chance for me to make myself isolated from work but make myself focus on badminton, a sport I loved.
I would say Malaysia is a special country as most of the people love badminton very much, either play or watch. I can feel their passion towards badminton from the people there especially when I was watching Malaysia Open 2010. I hope that I could spend time and get back to KL once again shortly.

Yours truly,
Samson M.K, LI BBA(Hons), MSc
Demand & Operations Planning
Swire Coca-Cola HK

This Badminton Coaching Holiday has given me the experience of a life time.

Andrew is a great coach and host. I'd like to thank him for his encouragement and commitment to my progress throughout the training. I am a coach myself in Canada. He has done a excellent job in accommodating the players needs while maintaining high standards.
I also like to thank Badminton Information for creating Badminton Holiday. I recommend this to players of all level for a boost in their badminton life.

Cindy Wong
Vancouver BC Canada

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