"What If I Told You That You Could Get Coaching From Tiger Woods On Your Golf Game...Or Michael Jordan On Your Hoops Game...Or One On One Tennis Lessons From Rafel Nadal...Or Be Taught How To Bend It Like Beckham by David Himself??? That's What You Will Get By Joining Our Badminton Coaching Holidays!!"

Learn from the Champions of Badminton with one on one coaching from the best in the world. We don't put people in groups and ask you to stand around to learn. We give you direct, one on one access to world champions in Badminton. If you are serious about this sport, joining Badminton Coaching Holidays is simply not an option for you.

While you are sitting home, practicing by yourself or with some good local players, your competition is passing you by because they are at Badminton Coaching Holidays getting trained by the best of the best, not playing against a couple people in your local area.

If you know one thing about badminton, you know that the best players come from Malaysia. So we are bringing the best coaches, teachers and players to Kuala Lumpur for intense training to take your game to the next level. You will leave us a different player, playing the best badminton you've ever played in your life. Go home knowing there isn't a player in your geographical area that has a chance to beat you.

For many years Malaysia has been the top badminton country in the world. Not bad for a relatively small country (compared say to Indonesia and India). In the 1990s, the Sidek brothers dominated men's badminton. Our head coach, Andrew Chang, was part of the squad and trained with these world class players.

Andrew's put his ideas on coaching into a book "Sure Fire Badminton Drills". Please visit our Ebook webpage (http://www.badminton-information.com/badminton-drills-ebook.html) to find out more about Andrew and his great ideas on badminton coaching after you finish reading about our training week.

Since his retirement from competitive badminton, Andrew has become one of Malaysia's top coaches and brings all the knowledge and skill he's learnt to helping players improve their badminton.

But I can't help you from here. You have to do it. You have to want it. You have to make the choice that you have what it takes to be a great badminton player. It's not always about the most talented player, it's more often about the player that wants it more and the player that gets the best instruction.
First of all my sincere thanks to you for arranging this tour to KL.I enjoyed it very much and I learnt some new Badminton coaching stuff from Andrew.He is a great coach and it was fun to learn from him.

I really appreciate for taking the time to be with me.You took me here and there, to buy Badminton stuff and I enjoyed the food too very much.
Dharshana Fernando
Former National player in Sri Lanka and now a Certified Coach in Canada who runs his own coaching school.
Think about it....in China, they identify the best athletes in their country at ages as young as four years only and discuss a career in athletics with their parents. Then they are sent to schools to train with the best in their respective sport.

Do you really think they can find the next great player at age four?? Of course not, the reason these people become Olympic Gold Medalists isn't because they were identified at age 4. It's because they got the best training from the best players and coaches.

That's what we are offering. You will be better than you ever thought you would be. We Guarantee it.


We want to get the best out of you and we will. But we understand that everyone has different talent levels and abilities. We aren't looking for the best of the best, we are simply providing THE BEST TRAINING to MAXIMIZE your personal abilities.

One of the greatest misfortunes in sport is seeing people interested in a particular sport, not get great coaching and find out just how good they can be. We won't let that happen! We provide great instruction, personal training and a tremendous amount of fun! You will have a great and satisfying time in Kuala Lumpur.
Mr. Chau,

It is very nice to have a week in KL for the badminton camp. It had given me a full range of intensive training covering fitness, step and technique.

During the training, I was given opportunities to play with different kind of players and share with each other. It was also a good chance for me to make myself isolated from work but make myself focus on badminton, a sport I loved.
I would say Malaysia is a special country as most of the people love badminton very much, either play or watch. I can feel their passion towards badminton from the people there especially when I was watching Malaysia Open 2010. I hope that I could spend time and get back to KL once again shortly.

Yours truly,
Samson M.K, LI BBA(Hons), MSc
Demand & Operations Planning
Swire Coca-Cola HK
Mr. Chau,

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to you and Andrew for organizing and conducting the badminton holiday in Malaysia for me. I fully enjoyed it.
Andrew was very experienced in providing quality and focused training that commensurate with my level and capabilities of play. It provided me solid fundamentals to further my skills upgrade in future.

I would heartily commend the program to anyone who intends to improve their badminton skills irrespective of their current levels of play while at the same time able to enjoy quality holiday activities within Kuala Lumpur. I fully appreciate you bringing me to Bukit Kiara Equestrian Centre for my horse-riding outing.

Yours truly,
Lee Chung Sing
Captain, A320 Fleet
Silkair Pte Ltd.
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All Work and No Play?? No Way!!!

We are serious about training but we are also serious about having a great EXPERIENCE. If you were being run ragged so you were so tired you had to go to bed as soon as you left the shower, we wouldn't be doing our job. As much as we love badminton, we also love having a good time and experiencing the world.

At our Badminton Coaching Holidays, we make sure we work hard, play hard, and HAVE FUN! There are amazing things to see, great shopping and night life. You will experience all of it up close and in person.

Had Enough Fun Yet?? Let's Get Back To Your Training!

As I said, you are getting personal training. No long lines waiting for your turn. No group lessons where you can barely hear the coaches instruction. We know you are serious and so are we. This is one on one coaching the yields BIG TIME RESULTS!


You'll spend the first half-hour knocking up and playing with the coaching team.

Andrew will assess your badminton playing and discuss with you what he thinks needs concentrating on, your strengths and weaknesses, and agree the coaching itinerary for the rest of the week and give you a schedule. That way you'll know exactly what to expect and understand the training objectives, in terms of both technical and physical goals.

Typically, the training programme will cover:

Skills - basic, intermediate and advanced (depending on your current ability), covering clears, smashes, drives and footwork

Fitness - develop speed and stamina through training exercises on the court and in the gym, weight training etc.

Match Play - improve your strategy and tactics for singles, doubles and mixed through a combination of playing, analysis and instruction

At the end of each day, we'll jointly review the training and the progress you've made and see if the training programme needs any fine tuning. We will go over your game in fine detail, showing you exactly the techniques you can use to get better and what to eliminate in terms of mistakes. We go over your game individually with a fine tooth comb. You won't get better instruction anywhere!

We can't be precise about your training schedule - so much depends on you. This is genuinely a personal training programme, not a standard itinerary designed to suit a large group of players.

As an example, here's the itinerary for one of the players who's visited us. It might be right for you - or you may require something completely different. But that's what makes our Holiday top notch, we tailor the programme to you and your needs as opposed to simply forcing you to adapt to what we want. This Holiday is for you, not us.
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
This Badminton Coaching Holiday has given me the experience of a life time.

Andrew is a great coach and host. I'd like to thank him for his encouragement and commitment to my progress throughout the training. I am a coach myself in Canada. He has done a excellent job in accommodating the players needs while maintaining high standards.
I also like to thank Badminton Information for creating Badminton Holiday. I recommend this to players of all level for a boost in their badminton life.

Cindy Wong
Vancouver BC Canada
Dear Chau

While looking back to our days at KL I was so happy to learn that after the training we are brought to the great matches of the universe and watch the system of movement and compated it with what we were taught in the training, this is so great..!! All those small movements that we learnt have been practiced by the most of the great players, so i found that watching the matches after the training was so helpful..most of all Thomas & Uber Cup matches are so interesting and we are lucky enough to watch that..Thanks so much 20 05 2010
Kima Ralte


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Transport to and from the airport
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Transport to and from the sports centre
Court facilities
Accommodations - 6 nights
Playing partners
A once in a lifetime trip to the Petronas Towers, or any other attraction in KL you desire

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