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Finding good Badminton coaching lessons is a must if you want to improve and compete at a higher level. Unless you have this...

Sometimes it can be quite a hassle to find a badminton coach with high quality badminton coaching. Not everybody can be a good badminton coach. A good badminton coach must have the vast experience in the game at high level and the skills in communicating and transferring the knowledge to actually bring the player to the next level.

You came to the right place! Here we have coaches who have done it all as a player and as a coach to actually provide you with high quality badminton coaching at any level of play. Such as from tactical side of the game to the fundamental side of the game or to the sport science of the game.

In this professional badminton coaching programme, the coaching system can be catered to all players who is so called "talented" or "not so talented" and will be coached in every steps in detail to reach their goals which ONLY a low percentage of coaches are able to do so.

With the coaches in this badminton coaching programme who has encountered all obstacles in their long badminton coaching career, you don't need to worry about being stagnant in your game.

We are so confident in providing you a high quality badminton coaching service which is to improve your game that it's almost money guaranteed!

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Foo Kok Keong

Date of Birth


8 January 1963






English and Chinese

Highest IBF World Ranking


World Number 1 (1991)

International playing experience


1982 - 1994

Coaching experience


1996 - 2013 (advisor) at Nusa Mahsuri Proessional club , Misbun Sidek's club. Produced players like Rashid Sidek (World number 1), Hafiz Hashim, Roslin Hashim (World number 1), Tan Kim Her, Ong Ewe Hock, Lee Chong Wei and etc.


Thomas Cup
1994 - Runners up (2nd)
1992 - Champion
1990 - Runner's up (2nd)
1986 - Bronze

Asian Games
1990 - Bronze
1994 - Runner's up (2nd)

World Tournament

1994 - Asian Badminton Championship (Champion)
1991 - Asian Badminton Championship (2nd)
1991 - All England Badminton Championship (2nd)
1991 - Malaysia Open (2nd)
1990 - French Open (Champion)
1990 - Singapore Open (Champion)
1990 - Japan Open (2nd)
1990 - Hong Kong Open (2nd)
1990 - Malaysia Open (2nd)
1988 - Asian Badminton Championship (2nd)
1988 - World Cup (2nd)
1989 - World Grand Prix (2nd)




Andrew Chang




Badminton Experience


18 years

Playing Status


Nusa Mahsuri Player, formerly under Misbun Sidek

Coaching Experience


10 years

Coaching Qualification


Badminton Association of Malaysia Certified

Current Coaching At


Badminton Information Academy (BIA)

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