"If You Think A 332 km/hour Smash Shot Will Make You Win At Badminton Match, Think Again..."

"It takes a lot more than a speeding bullet to penetrate the enemy's defense line. And Lin Dan learned that in a very hard way,"

From: Andrew Chang
Subject: How To Master The Badminton
Dear Friend,

Would you like to master the badminton quickly and without the frustration that beginners often experience with badminton?

Would you like to save your money on badminton lessons by getting all the same, or even better, information here for less than the price of one hour session with your coach?
Soon you'll find out how to dramatically and insanely increase your badminton skill in the shortest time possible. With the right "aggressive" training methods, I guarantee that you'll be playing the BEST badminton game of your life in no time -- even if you're a total newbie!
Unsolicited Testimonial

"Thank you, Andrew. Your e-book has really made me become a better player. I followed all the instructions inside and saw improvement in my second week of training.

Now I believe my game can improve further and I don't need to hire an expensive coach just yet. Thanks a lot."

Ken Lin --
Melbourne, Australia
If you always wanted to learn how to improve your skills and techniques in badminton game and force your opponents to beg for your mercy, this is your chance.

The 3 essential elements to a big hit are impact, follow-through and timing. A smash in badminton is more like a severe punch in boxing than a smash in tennis. You need to generate a lot of power through a short range very, very quickly, but that power comes not from the build-up, but from the impact and the follow-through.

You try to leave the smash until the last possible moment to get maximum power behind it. But, the true power of badminton is in your...


The speed of your footwork.

Haven't you ever wondered what kind of exercises you should be doing that are specifically designed to drastically improve your badminton game? I know there's a ton of theories out there and it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what works and what doesn't.

Now before you even think of hiring a badminton coach, you might want to find out the unspoken truth about your coach.

"Your Ordinary Coach Can
Slow You Down With An Ugly Purpose."
You see, in a regular coaching program, I got literally ZERO improvement.

I've been spending a lot of money for this 'so-called' badminton coach and months of training, but I still failed to shape my techniques. I asked to myself...

"Am I really that bad?"
"Do I have any talents on Badminton?"

Well, the next thing I remembered, I challenged all those "senior cowboys" with a straight bet. Being crazy enough, I said that if I lose in a badminton game, I will pay all their lunches.

What was I thinking at that time? Yeah, I must be out of my mind, because I almost lost.


But eventually, I managed to win!

They were shocked to death and didn't know what to say. Even my friends didn't believe I could finally defeated the seniors. That was one of the best life experiences I could never forget.

Just imagine, I managed to improve my skills and techniques in the court TEN TIMES better than before.

And you know what?

You too can cut off 90% time-wasting theories.
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"How to Become an Established Badminton Player!"
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But, wait a minute...

Who am I to give you badminton lessons anyway?

Well, I couldn't believe the improvement myself if I didn't see the way I played badminton with my own eyes in a video tape, because I've been trained for nearly 10 years under the supervision of BAM, Badminton Association of Malaysia*.

Whenever they gave me some piece of advice, I could swear that their words were coming from experience that no one else had. They know what they're talking about. They know badminton deep under the skin.

In 10 long years, I've seen nearly everything at the training camp. I know the good, the bad and the ugly things happened in badminton world. Unfortunately for me, I didn't make it to join with the national team. BAM literally discarded me for some health reason many years ago.

I'm a real person and you can verify my existence in the world of badminton by calling my number at 0122976761. I'm serious. Because today... is a different story.

Today is about YOU.

I'm going to share with you some of my powerful techniques that I absorbed during my training camp.
"So powerful, you'd bang your head against the wall if this information falls into your sworn enemy's hand."
Unsolicited Testimonial

"I am a professional Badminton coach and player. Having played the game for nearly four decades I have read many books on Badminton.

The 'Sunfire Badminton Drills' e-book has made significant changes to my way of thinking in Badminton. It is too good to believe. For instance most of the drills are up to date and it helps beginners, Intermediate players as well as advanced players.

The explanation is in simple English and therefore it is easy to understand. One thing must be noted. It is always advisable to go step by step when doing these drills to maximize the benefit.

Finally, I recommend this book to anyone interested in badminton. It is very valuable for this price."

Dharshana Fernando --
Would you be surprise if I tell you that world class badminton players such as; Lee Chong Wei, Lin Dan, Jens Eriksen and Martin Lundgaard Hansen are all trained with the same methods and techniques which you're about to discover in a few minutes?

The only difference between those world champions and you, is discipline and dedication. If you have discipline and dedication, then right now it's your turn to take the lead.

Now, let me ask you...

Are you ready to take your badminton game to the next level?
Are you ready to be the hottest player on the court?
"Are you ready to absorb the power of the world's top badminton pros -- literally?"
If you're ready, then you'll definitely want to get your hands on the remarkable new e-book Sure-Fire Badminton Drills.

This comprehensive badminton e-book was written in conjunction with the exact same professional badminton players who turned me into a badminton machine in just a couple of weeks.
Sure-Fire Badminton Drills Has More Than 90 Pages Chocked Full of Expert Techniques, Practiced and Mastered By First-Class Badminton Players Worldwide!
"This hot-off-the-press practical guidebook is just dripping with insiders' secrets used only by the gold-medalists!"
This badminton e-book is conveniently divided into four easy-to-follow training methods, complete with photographs and detailed court diagrams.

Each method is divided into Step 1 drills and Step 2 drills. Step 1 drills sharpen your core skills, and Step 2 drills are the most advanced.

Every professional badminton player uses all the 35 KILLER drills detailed in this incredible e-book to be at the top of their game.
With this astounding badminton e-book, you'll be privy to scores of professional shadow and shuttle drills. In Training Method 1, Step 1 alone...
  • You'll sharpen your aggressive offensive skills and sets you up to perfect your push and cross-court net skills to keep your opponent guessing like crazy!

  • You'll learn what shot to master before mastering lift, push or cross-court net shots. And you'll learn what spot you need to return to on the court before and after retrieving each shot if you want to guard your base!

  • You'll improve your speed to prevent lifting the shuttle--and being in a defensive position again. You'll improve your jumping ability so you can smash from the highest and fastest point!

  • You'll improve your defense skills by learning how to slow down the pace of the game when you're under pressure. And you'll learn how to improve the quality of your lifting shots so you can recover to the center court in a flash!

  • You'll see how to slow your game down and limit your opponent's shot angles by lobbing to the rear court. This sets you up to master smash, drop and fast drop shots so you can change from a defensive to an attacking position in less than a second!
Unsolicited Testimonial

"Wow. A great book full of badminton ideas and information. Its a good book to start playing. Inspiring from the start till the end.

Worth paying as every tactic is use on the court. Knowledgeable and easy to understand everything. Good job."

Chee Haw --
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
And in the Step 2 drills in Training Method 1 you'll get these inside secrets...
  • You'll hone your counter attack, offense and defense skills, plus you'll learn how to surprise your opponent by delivering an unexpected smash!

  • You'll find out how to pressure your opponent by changing the pace of the game in seconds. And you'll even learn how to confuse your opponent by faking a smash!

  • You'll see how to sharpen your net skills and execute tight, deadly net shots. You'll even hone your cross-court net, tap, lift and push skills to confuse your opponent!

  • You'll develop the speed necessary to kill an opponent's weak return after smashing. And you can execute cross-court net or push shots to put the pressure on your opponent with no mercy!

  • You'll improve your backhand shot accuracy. And you'll learn what bad habit to avoid. This drill also sets you up to perfect your backhand cross-court drop or backhand fast drop shot.

  • You'll be faster than lightning -- continuously rushing in for an instant kill!

  • Your backhand shots will become more accurate and deadly than ever before! And you'll move on to fully master the backhand smash and cross-court lob in no time.
Unsolicited Testimonial

"Yes, we have purchased your badminton drills e-book and it is easy to follow & definitely our game would improve in the near future.

Thanks. We strongly recommend it to other badminton players who are either beginners or want to improve and enjoy their game."

Edmund --
And that's just Training Method 1! In Training Method 2, you'll focus on shuttle control drills. Not only will these drills help you sharpen your shot accuracy, but you'll also learn why practicing half court will make it easier for you to smash an opponent during a real full-court game.
You'll discover so many professional techniques...
  • You'll be able to consistently set up attacks and make your opponent to commit errors so you can execute a deadly smash!

  • You'll know how to counter your opponent's unrelenting pressure by slowing down the game's pace with high, deep lobs. This drill also empowers you to suddenly attack!

  • You'll hone your ability to deliver completely unexpected shots and keep your opponent completely dumbfounded and under intense pressure. This drill will definitely sharpen your drop shot skills!

  • You'll see how to use a cross-court lob as an attacking shot in certain scenarios. This technique alone will wear your opponent down!

  • You'll learn how to execute a powerful cross-court shot, which will improve your ability to set up an attack. You'll see how to drive sharp, steep and stinging smashes like an All-England champion!
Unsolicited Testimonial

"This badminton book is outstanding. All the information I need to know about badminton on how to play the game and even the techniques used in badminton games. It has already improved my playing enormously.

I would strongly advice those new badminton players to purchase this book and to improve your skills and playing."

-- Nik Hanif
Penang, Malaysia
But wait. It gets even better!
Those were just the step 1 drills in Training Method 2.
Now for the advanced Step 2 drills...
  • You'll take your cross-court attacking skills to the next level to force your opponent stay in the DEAD zone where he can't move!

  • Your defensive skills will be sharpened with consistent lobs. This will pressure your opponent with fewer options and set you up to execute a lethal sudden attack and earn the easiest point ever!

  • You'll see how you can lift the shuttle without fear of defending your opponent's attack -- no matter how fast his smash is going to hit you, you'll laugh victorious!

  • You'll learn how to create opportunities to counterattack by whipping the shuttle all the way to your opponent's back court!

  • You'll improve your recovery by giving your opponent fewer angles, so you can clear to the baseline without the fear of defending and drain your opponent's strength to his knees!

  • You'll improve your drive shots, which are critical in doubles. You'll see how to create an open space to kill and produce another winning point for you!

  • You'll even see why using this XXXX instead of a badminton racket will double or even triple your strength in one night!
Unsolicited Testimonial

"In your book, you have made us see the professional way you have arranged the materials to be used on court and off court for beginners and competitive players.

Well done."

-- Syd Sydorak, Head Coach
Vancouver, Canada
Then there's Training method 3, which focuses on multiple shuttle drills. The Step 1 drills that will drive your badminton skills to new heights, including...
  • You'll hone your defense skills by meeting your opponent's smashes and other attack shots by lobbing shots to the baseline. This simple trick gives you recovery time so you can control the entire game!

  • Top players and gold-medalists capitalize on their near-perfect net play to set up an attack shot, and so can you!

  • You'll know how to move quickly to the front to gain advantage when your opponent defends your smash. You'll have NO problem killing your opponent's weak return!

  • You'll never fear if your opponent returns your net shot with a cross-court net shot. You'll be on your toes, rushing to the net after a smash to anticipate weak return shots. And you'll learn where to keep the shuttle so that you can stay attacking non-stop!

  • Your defensive skills will reach new level as you retrieve smash after smash after smash without hesitation!

  • Plus, your doubles game will never be the same again. You'll kill shuttles to hone your attacking skills and improve your hand speed. And you'll find out what ugly habits to avoid with your partner.
That's it?

No way. Sure Fire Badminton Drills doesn't stop there. Oh no.

This mind-blowing badminton e-book even delivers specific exercises in Training Method 4...

You'll learn why these exercises are always done after drills to give you a competitive edge. Steps 1 and 2 include shadow drills so...
  • You'll improve your front and back movements!
  • You'll produce a sharper and deadlier net shots!
  • You'll develop your recovery skills!
  • You'll improve your defensive footwork!
  • You'll move faster defensive footwork to counter your opponent's attack shots!
  • You'll take your attack skills to the next level!
    Phew. I can't explain it anymore, this page won't fit them all.

    To wrap things up... Sure-Fire Badminton Drills is the MOST complete badminton training guide on the entire planet, yet it is very easy to understand even for total newbie.

    Don't get me wrong, those badminton books that you can buy at nearby bookstores are good enough to make you understand how to play badminton.

    But unfortunately, they are all written mostly based on theories, NOT from the actual physical experience from someone who has been training with the gold medalists and All England champions!

    Please, you're not here just to play badminton game...
    "You're Here To Win The Game!"
    With Sure-Fire Badminton Drills, you'll learn everything you need to know about winning the badminton in the court and take over the whole game from your opponent...
    • YOU will give your opponent an instant KILL
      with your powerful smash hit!

    • YOU will discover all the deadliest tricks
      to end your rival's movements!

    • YOU will know how to block every shot
      from your rival -- This will make him insane!

    • YOU will improve your chances to kill the shuttle
      no matter what your rival do!

    • YOU will defend your court a lot better
      even if you're exhausted and don't know what do do!

    • YOU will improve your chances of
      setting up a lethal spinning net shot!

    • YOU will give your opponent a stressful pressure
      every time he moves!

    • YOU will know the proper forehand and backhand grip --
      and switch between the two instantly!
    In essence...
    Everyone Will Be Stunned Into Silence When You Eliminate Your Opponents One By One And Finally Reach The Top of The Food Chain!"
    This badminton e-book pulls out all the stops.

    You'll even learn stamina and endurance exercises that the pros use, and why they must be performed after your drills, such as; 6 agility exercises for faster reflexes, 2 body circuit exercises, and many, many more inside!
    "Okay, I want to absorb these new abilities now. But what is the price to improve my Badminton skills?"
    Good question.

    How about your soul?

    When it comes to badminton, you have to be serious. A weakling can turn into a beast if he had a strong will. But a mediocre player will always be a mediocre player, no matter how hard he train himself.

    That's why I'm asking your soul, because only those who truly love badminton can understand badminton, thus absorb the power to win!

    Now if you're asking for a real world price for you to attain these new skills, then believe me--you couldn't afford such a price.

    How much would you expect to pay for such a comprehensive badminton training bible written along with insider techniques straight from the world's leading badminton pros?

    $1,000? $2,000?

    Let me ask you; how much it would cost you if you hire a world-class badminton coach? In general, you'd have to pay around $10 to $30 per hour for regular coach, not to mention you have to spend 5 to 8 months to complete your basic training.

    If you train 5 hours in a week, then you'd have to prepare $50 to $150 per week or $2550 to $7650 in one year alone! If you want to hire a qualified, officially-licensed coach, you can expect to pay heck of a lot more.

    But not here.

    I want you to enjoy your winning matches again and again. For a lot less, you can literally absorb how the champions play and beat their opponents down the court.
    You can SAVE hundreds of dollars on badminton trainings by getting all the same information here for less than the price of one coaching session.

    With Sure-Fire Badminton Drills...
    1. YOU will SAVE your money from discreditable coaches!
    2. YOU will SAVE your valuable time from unnecessary explanation!
    3. YOU will SAVE your energy from useless trainings!
    This e-book will solves all your badminton training problems and give you an all-out unfair advantage to take your badminton skills to a new level.
    "I guarantee, your new Badminton skills will surprise everyone in the stadium!"

    "You Can Try My Badminton Training Methods RISK-FREE
    For 360 Days!"

    I want you to give this badminton guide a fair try for 360 days. Read it, take action and practice according to the guide without risk.

    No rush here, you have a whole year to put the methods up to the test according to your schedule.

    If for any reason at all, even after 360 Days of trying the drills in this e-book, you don't agree this incredible action guide has improved your badminton skills five to ten times better...

    ... just contact me via email and I'll cheerfully send you a full & complete refund with no questions asked on your entire purchase amount.

    You see, if you're not satisfied, I'd be embarrassed to keep your money.

    In fact, you can keep everything you have downloaded as my way of saying thanks for your time.

    Sure, there will probably be a few people who try to take advantage of my generous offer, but I believe you are a decent and honest person. Therefore, I'm willing to take away the risk from you.

    "You have nothing to lose and everything to gain."
    But you must secure your copy today, as this is a limited time offer. If you wait a little longer, it might be too late for you to grab this rare opportunity.

    And when you secure your own Sure Fire Badminton Drills right now, you'll also receive three special reports - worth at least $100 - absolutely free.

    Here's what you'll get...
    Free Bonus Gift #1 $49.99 Yours For FREE!

    "30 Articles on How To Improve Your Badminton Game!"

    This 64-page compilation is just brimming with handy articles:

    • Strokes--Overhead strokes such as lob, drop shot, smash, fast drop shot and shooting lob; the drive side arm stroke; and net play, such as the net shot, tap and lift
    • Serves--high, low, drive, backhand and flick
    • What 5 other sports will improve your badminton skills
    • What 5 outdoor sports will improve your badminton skills
    • Why a half-court singles game will help you
    • How to be as deceptive as China's Zhao Jian Hua.
    • How to analyze your opponent
    • Tactics and training methods for the new 21 points system.

    Free Bonus Gift #2 $19.99 Yours For FREE!

    "Warming Up for Badminton!" Report

    This helpful report features 11 pages of warm-up exercises designed exclusively for badminton players:

    • 3 upper body stretches
    • 5 lower body stretches
    • Which form of aerobic exercise builds your strength and endurance, and gets your cardiovascular system ready to play--and why it's performed differently for badminton players
    • 3 shadow drills
    • The importance of stroking

    Free Bonus Gift #3 $29.99 Yours For FREE!

    "How To Become An Established Player!"

    This invaluable 11-page report gives you the leading edge in the world of badminton. You'll get the inside scoop on:

    • What 15 skills and traits you need to be an Established Player
    • In-depth explanation from the pros for how to develop your four core areas.
    You see, learning how to play badminton can be an enjoyable journey, but you can head off in the wrong direction.

    I've seen too many badminton players spent hundreds of dollars on lessons only to be left more confused than ever... and unable to keep the shuttlecock in play for more than a few shots.

    Have you been taking lessons and hitting hundreds of shots with no improvement? Do you feel that you are stuck or maybe even going the wrong direction?

    Don't let this happen to you!

    Get on the right track now, as a beginner or even if you're a seasoned player, you'll soon enjoy your new game with more amazing abilities to hit all your opponents consistently, time after time, with perfect accuracy and power.

    So, are you ready to see instant improvements in your game? Are you ready to join the ranks of the Sidek brothers, Eddie Chong, Tan Yee Khan?

    Famous badminton players such as; Lin Dan and Zhang Ning from China, Jens Eriksen & Martin Lundgaard Hansen from Denmark, Lee Chong Wei, Koo Kien Keat & Tan Boon Heong from Malaysia, are all currently standing at top of the chart in BWF World Ranking.

    Many years ago, they all learned the same methods, tricks and techniques described inside this practical guidebook to defeat all of their opponents and finally reached for their trophies.
    "Don't you think it's your turn to lift the trophy and let the entire stadium ROARS your name?"
    YES Andrew, Give Me The Entire Sure-Fire Badminton Drills ™ Now!
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    On that basis, let me start now before it's too late.

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    Now what do you have to lose, except your mediocre badminton skills? It's time to take your game to the heights you only thought possible in your wildest dreams.

    Secure your Sure-Fire Badminton Drills right now!

    Yours truly,

    Andrew Chang,
    Badminton lover, coach
    You can call me at: 0122976761

    P.S. Sure Fire Badminton Drills is written carefully and intensively in conjunction with professional badminton player. I guarantee you will NEVER find a badminton e-book as advanced and comprehensive as this practical guidebook anywhere else.

    So, if you had a professional badminton coach work with you through these lessons, your whole investment would probably be hundreds to thousands of dollars.

    You will gain 10 years of experience on badminton court in less than 5 minutes -- just by reading it!

    P.P.S. You'll also receive the three bonus reports, worth $100 absolutely free. Join the ranks of pro badminton players like the Sidek brothers, Eddie Chong and Tan Yee Khan. The techniques of the world's top pros will be at your fingertips at the end of the day.

    Hear the crowds cheering your name again and again!

    And let's not forget, your purchase is completely protected by my 360-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you don't like the result -- for ANY reason at all, in ANY day -- simply email me your request, then I will refund you 100%. I won't even ask you why.

    * Although Andrew Chang was trained under BAM (Badminton Association of Malaysia) years ago, they are not affiliated with Badminton-Information.com, nor endorsed the e-book.

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