"Not Sure About The Rules Of Badminton? Our Video Tells You All You Need To Know!"

With a running time of 27 minutes, this video will tell you everything you need to know about the rules, in logical sequence and with clear illustrations and understandable language all the way through.
It's important to know and uphold the rules, just like any other sport. Badminton has a good image - people play hard and play to win - but player's conduct is good.

Knowing the rules and applying them firmly and with courtesy will help badminton stay a great sport. It should also help you with your game. Not knowing the rules can lead to uncertainty and arguments.
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The player who can keep his cool during a dispute usually wins. Not always. Usually.
Knowing the rules should give a player the confidence to stand up for themselves in a dispute, and ensure they don't lose a point simply because the rules haven't been applied correctly. It will help to avoid arguements - and we all know how they can spoil a game.
Our video will give you the knowledge and understanding you need to play with confidence and to stick up for yourself in disputes on court. If you have a laptop or a DVD player you can even take it with you to the badminton hall.

If you're a coach, or in charge of a group of juniors, how much time do you spend explaining the rules? Probably not enough. Why? Well, most players, coaches included, like to play badminton and concentrate on just that. This can result in players, especially youngsters, only having a hazy understanding of the rules. And let's face it, playing badminton is more fun than learning the rules.
It's particularly important for junior players, specially when they're playing in competitions where they don't have match officials and they're expected to apply the rules themselves.

We've all seen or heard about it - a young player very upset because they feel they've been cheated out of a point. After the match is too late. Having a proper understanding of the rules can help avoid all this.
By watching our Badminton Rules video, you will gain an excellent understanding of the rules. A run-through takes less than 30 minutes - and you can watch it anytime you like, leaving you free to concentrate on playing when you're in the badminton hall.


I'm an experienced badminton player. I thought I knew the rules. I've watched the video on the laws of badminton and realised I didn't - but I do now.

Matthew Tee, Kuala Lumpur


I found the section on the service particularly useful.

Ken Lin, Melbourne


I wish I'd seen this video years ago. If I had, it would have saved me a lot of energy and emotion wasted arguing about the rules, and arguing about the wrong things. It would have saved me a lot of points too, points I've lost because the rules weren't applied correctly and I didn't object because I didn't know the rules.

Daniel, Singapore


It's really annoying, finishing a game and feeling I've lost because I didn't know the rules. You need to know the rules when you're on the court, not afterwards when it's too late.

Kah Kiang, Sydney


I often watch the rules video, usually to check on a rule I wasn't sure of. When I do this, the rule in question sticks in my head.

Emma H.
County Junior Player

Contents of the Video
  • Basics: court, net and equipment
  • Scoring
  • Serving and receiving
  • Behaviour
  • Umpires role
  • Singles
  • Doubles
  • Appendices
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