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'Badminton Training - How To Get Fit To Win' Review

Badminton isn't just a sport that relies on skill, vision and mental
alertness, it's also a very physical sport and the better you get at it, then the fitter you need to be in order to compete and win against players at the same level as you.

Those at the top of the game are elite athletes with supreme levels of strength, endurance and power.

Unfortunately at the lower or more social end of the spectrum, most players don't give a second thought to their fitness... and this is a big mistake because they could easily take their game up a few levels by becoming fitter and changing their game plan due to their new level of fitness.

It's for this reason that I thought I'd put up a page all about a Badminton fitness training program that's been written for me by a friend of mine called Jago Holmes specifically for Badminton players.

I've known Jago for quite a while now and we've worked on other Badminton projects together in the past.

A few months ago I asked Jago if he'd be interested in writing a fitness training program for readers of my newsletter and visitors to my website. I thought it would be a really good idea because there is nothing like this available anywhere else for us Badminton enthusiasts.

Tennis, Golf, Running, Soccer, they all have dozens of training programs that you can easily get hold of to help improve your fitness and boost to your performance in those particular sports, but not Badminton.

Anyway Jago agreed to write one for me and set about putting a program together. As well as being a certified personal trainer in the UK, Jago is also a keen Badminton player himself, so he seemed like the ideal choice.

To be honest it took him quite a while to write it, but when he sent it to me I understood exactly why it had. Jago has put his heart and soul in to this program, which has been well researched and beautifully presented, using over 160 full colour photographs.

It could really be described as more of an encyclopaedia of Badminton fitness training because it contains such a wide range of specific exercises and training techniques designed to improve every area used in a typical game of Badminton.

It includes exercises for the shoulders, core (stomach and lower back) and forearms to help build power and strength in to shots like the smash or a backhand clear, which are areas most amateur Badminton enthusiasts just don't ever think about. Something which if done regularly can have dramatic effects on your performance.

The manual includes workouts you can do at home, outside, on court or even at your local gym that all help to improve strength, power and endurance in exactly the places where you need it.

There's also a section on flexibility which is a must read, especially when you consider the amount of stretching and bending than goes on in just about every game you play. In fact it's probably fair to say that neglecting this part of your fitness could be one of the biggest reasons why so many players needlessly pick up injuries to their knees, elbows and lower back.

What I really like about the programs is that are they're written in a friendly, easy to use way, so that you can personalise your own workouts and mix and match exercises and techniques to work on your weaker areas, meaning you get much quicker improvements in your game.

Another great point is that Jago also offers a load of free bonuses when you buy the program which makes it really good deal. All of them are relevant to any keen Badminton player.

All in all I think it's an excellent training guide for anyone who loves the sport, but wants to get a quick boost to their game by getting fitter and stronger, not to mention the extra confidence and speed around court you'll get after following Jago's advice.

Here is an unsolicited testimonial from my newsletter subscriber who had bought and used this manual:

"Hi Chau Yap,

I just bought Jago Holmes' new badminton training program that you recommended.

I tried out some of the exercises especially the one for the smash. When I played last night, I wowed my friends and they asked me what secret training have
I done or what food have I been taking. For a 50 year old badminton enthusiast like me, this training program does make a lot of difference to me.

Thanks for the recommendation. It's a real bargain considering the amount I paid for my son's badminton training under a coach at the moment.

Andrew Lee
Perth, Australia "

So I'd wholeheartedly recommend Jago's training manual, because you can apply his techniques to your game straight away, you'll learn so much and because it's an instant download, you'll be able to get started immediately.

Oh and one more thing that I think is very important is honesty. The internet can be a very dishonest and risky place to buy things, but as I've mentioned I've worked with Jago for a while now and I know he's an honest and trustworthy guy. If you have any problems, he'll sort them out for you quickly. Plus he offers a 100% money back guarantee if you aren't totally happy with what you've bought, so you really can't lose.

You can go and find out more about it here - Badminton Training - How To Get Fit To Win

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