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There are many sports today that have become internationally known and one of these is Badminton. Badminton is a sport that has captivated millions of people. This sport became one of the favorites of people especially in urbanized centers.

This is mainly due to the relative ease of playing such sport and it can be played in small spaces compared to more rigorous sports. It is one of the most played sport today and it continuing to grow in popularity.

For many, Badminton is a great way of getting in shape and having a good time. Medical experts all agree that physical activity which involves the major muscles has benefits always and many are enrolling in badminton training sessions worldwide.

Sports such as badminton increases the metabolism of the body, it also lowers bad cholesterol and boosts the immune system. Only 30 minutes of badminton play can extensively reduce the risk of coronary diseases and inhibit the development of hypertension later in life.

Lastly, because exercise makes the body release endorphins, a chemical which gives you that relaxing feeling after a good strenuous exercise, badminton can be a potent stress relieving activity. Anyone that is in a huge stress load, can take up a racket and play it all away.

Badminton is one of the best sports for people that want to exercise and relieve stress, which is one of the main reasons why badminton training is on the rise.

Many are starting to know and play the sport and some are vying to become experts in playing badminton. Many are trying tips and tricks from a myriad of sources claiming to provide the "easy tips" on becoming good in badminton.

But, nobody became good through textbooks only, superstars in sports did not become good just by reading handy manuals, it all comes down to personal commitment in achieving advancement, the effort spent on playing the sport and most important the advice and training from a very good coach, the combination of these three makes a person excel in sports.

We are offering all badminton enthusiasts the chance to excel in the sport, the chance to be with the best, and become the one of the best also. This one of a kind offer is something the badminton enthusiasts will crave for.

This offer will give you the chance to have a one on one training session with the best players in the world of badminton. This will really help anyone gain the techniques needed to become good in the sport and also a way to love the sport more. Expert trainers will assist you in your badminton training, and help you in your quest to become good badminton players.

It is well known to the badminton community that the best players of this sport mainly come from Malaysia. So through this offer, we are giving you the chance to fly off to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and have the chance to train with the best players in the world of badminton.

Andrew Chang a well renowned badminton expert alongside many professional coaches will team up to help you excel in badminton. They will give you expert advice on how to play the game, techniques, strategies, badminton training secrets and many more. Personal advice coming from them is priceless, their experiences will help you grow and improve your badminton playing skills.

Our once in a lifetime offer includes the following, a week of badminton training with the best coaches in badminton in Kuala Lumpur. Training involves one-on-one sessions with the best of the best in badminton, among them is Andrew Chang.

They will offer their advice, techniques and strategies that made them successful in badminton. These experts will also show you their "secrets" on how they became good in badminton; this priceless opportunity is one of the kinds and is a must for any badminton enthusiast.

Accommodations for the whole badminton training week will be provided for all who will avail this amazing package. Also as a bonus of this offer, you get the chance to visit the best places in Kuala Lumpur, especially a tour to the world famous Petronas twin towers, or in any other locations you want to see.

This will surely be one of the most memorable events that will happen in your whole life. This priceless offer, we are offering to you so that you can enjoy the experience any badminton lover dreams of.

Testimonials of the effectiveness of this package come not only from ordinary people but also professional badminton players coming from different countries.

"I think Andrew is very good coach and I'm very happy when I can train with him. I like his coaching because he knows how to prepare good program and what player needs to improve. I feel I have improved after train with Andrew and I think I could be much better if i could train with him for a long time. I would like to continue in teamwork with Andrew."

Zuzana Pavelkova (Czech Republic National Player)"

So don't allow this opportunity to pass by, grab it and enjoy the experience the joy of badminton and the benefits it gives to anyone. Hurry now and become one of the many people who have experienced this wonderful opportunity of having the best badminton training ever.



"Thank you so much for the very pleasant stay I had in K.L, everything was perfectly arranged and I really enjoyed time there, especially the outings we had on Fridays.

As for the training, firstly I'd like to give a special thanks to Andrew. I am really thankful to him! not only was he a perfect coach who always encouraged me to be better, and I really learnt a lot of beneficial badminton stuff that I haven't known before and he was definitely able to make me a much better badminton player and made me ready for the Youth Olympic Games in only 20 days, but also out of court, he is a very good friend too who was really fun to hang out with ;)

He also came to me a month later to Singapore where I was playing the Youth Olympic Games and due to ONLY his coaching in the tournament, I was able to beat Africa's No.2 player and Europe's no.5 Holland player, and came 2nd in the group after I played with China's no.1 player a very good match.

Finally I am really thankful to all of you and I am really looking forward to another visit and training program next year."

Yours Faithfully,

Mahmoud El-Sayad (Cairo, Eygpt)
(Top Junior and National Player of Eygpt)



"I have known Andrew for a few years. He has given me a lot experiences in badminton. He has been still a part of my badminton life and he tries to help me every time I need. He is very skilled coach and he knows how to work with all skill level players.

I spent 50 days during the summer 2010 in Malaysia with Andrew. He helped me to improve my game. He helped me to grow up my speed, technical skills and movement on court. Everything what I need to be a better player. I am planning to come back to Malaysia to get a new experience and work on my game. I trust this coach and all things he does. I am looking forward to see him again and train with this top level and very nice coach. If you choose this coach it is the best choice you can do."

Yours Faithfully,
Lukas Zevl

(Top Junior and National Player of Czech Republic) 10 times National Champion.



"Andrew is a good friend of mine. We used to train together when I was a kid. A few years ago, when I was dropped from national set up due to injuries and personal problems. I felt quite frustrated and a little down. Andrew spoke to me and helped me to regained confidence and the love of the game. After 2 years of quitting badminton and hanging up my racket, I've managed to perform quite well and beat my personal best performance at international level and managed to give the current national players a good fight or won some with just a few months of training and sparring with Andrew.

For those young players out there, who wants to excel in this sport, give Andrew a call!"

Yours Faithfully,

Wong Kin Yik (Malaysia)
(Former National player)

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