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Badminton is one of the familiar sports today that can give you tons of benefits. Aside from it being a fun sport, it can be helpful to your life in many ways. Learning badminton can do well for your life, family relationship and to your social life.

With badminton, one can easily become fit and healthy in a leisurely fashion. With badminton one can see a relaxing way to enjoy sports. Badminton gives you the chance to utilize all of your major muscles and burn fat. With Badminton having a great time is always healthy.

Badminton also helps you exercise your focus and concentration. Anticipating the movement of your opponent or where the birdie or shuttlecock will fall can be helpful in maintaining your alertness and reflex.

You social life can also be enhanced by badminton as it is a social game. It takes two to tango and it also takes two or more to play badminton. Having a couple of hours of fun along with colleagues at work or a fun family day with your love ones is priceless.

That is why we are encouraging people to learn this fun sport and enjoy its benefits. Learning badminton is not that hard and one can do it easily. Especially today, with the advent of the internet, one can learn tips and techniques from badminton pros through the internet.

One of them is Andrew Chang our head coach for badminton. Through his expert advice and tips, you can surely become good in badminton in no time. Remember that with constant practice and good advice, one can become good at anything.

This badminton newsletter provides the most updated strategies, techniques, tips and badminton news in the internet today. This newsletter includes new methods in badminton training in order to speed up your learning in the sport, the changes in rules and regulations and many more concerning the sport.

With this one time offer, you can have the chance to learn all the secrets in becoming good in badminton. This is the online way of becoming good in badminton. We invite you to have the chance to enjoy the sport and feel the joy of playing badminton and become good at it all at the same time.


With this new and exciting one of the chance deal, you can learn badminton the fun way, the fast way, the online way.

With exclusive compilation of guides, tips and techniques coming from badminton trainers and professional players, you can be good in a matter of no time, so be among the hundreds of people that became good in badminton through their professional advice and sign in!

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  • Motivational stories
  • And many more

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1. Hi Chau, good morning friend.

Thank you for your time and effort in sending features about badminton, i am learning a lot.



2. Thank you for always sending me a very challenging and giving spectacular learning on how to play and how are the proper footwork inside the playing court. really appreciated.

Noel Dampil

3. Hi Chau,

Its so great to see Zhoa Zinhua on the court again and the basic footwork which was shown was very good. Not only that the movement of Lindan according to the demonstrated footwork was beyond doubt..I like it very much..carry on


4. Dear Chau Yap,

The videos of footwork are very cool. They are very useful not for me only but also for all badminton lovers. For which, thank you very much for your kind sharing with me.

With my best regards,


5. hey..

I really liked the video..can you send me some video's for increasing speed on court..or some training..methods..

Thank you,


6. Thanks sir,i am very glad to receive your mail,I am a good fan of LEE CHONG WEI.And you help a lot today for Studying about him.Sir please keep update me about these top players.

Saim Aslam

7. Hi Chau,

How are you?

Thank you for all.

These videos give me a lot of useful ideas.

Thank you.

See you.

Bertrand LEFORT.

8. Hi Chau, my friend.

Thank you for sending this lesson. Upon viewing the videos, i found out that i am playing with incorrect footwork, i learned a lot from this video.

Again, thank you so much.


9. Thanks for d video I really liked it thanks

Amit Kshatriya

10. It will realy help me to do my practice.thank you very much.

Nelum Perera

11. Hi Chau,

I really enjoyed viewing the video. I learned a lot. By watching, I happened to discover my mistakes too.

Thanks a lot friend.


12. Hai,

thanks and very useful to training for my shuttle tricks. Keep in touch with me.


13. Thanks, good for me :)


14. Thank you very much Sir these thing could help me a lot, keep up the good work, more power!

Romeo Garrovillas

15. Hi Chau,

Again, i would like to thank you for keep on sending tutorial videos about badminton, I learned a lot by just simply viewing the videos even without mentor. I guess the reason why China dominated Badminton sport is because of the tutorship of their highly skilled and expert trainer and coaches.

I tried filing and store all the videos you are sending into a database.

Again, thank you very much.


16. Hi Chau,
Thank you for the videos.
They are useful for me.


17. Hi Chau,

Your every mail is very useful for me and badminton's fan people..

Thank you.

I hope I could come in Malaysia in 1 future day.

PS: I studied in KL in 1973 at IMR (Jalan Pahang) for DAP & E Course.

Bertrand LEFORT

18. Hi Chau

Thank you very much for the very useful videos.


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