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Badminton accident? Yes, quiet possible. There are many ways of badminton accidents happening.

The chief culprits are improper shoes, playing surface, mistake by players in posture or stroke execution and finally freak accidents, which take everyone by surprise.

Badminton accidents can happen when appropriate shoes are not worn resulting in less friction between the shoes and the playing surface making the player slip and fall, sustaining injuries. It can result in rupture of Achilles tendon, the main tendon that anchors the foot to the knee joint, and the most powerful tendon in the body. When it happens, the player will not be able to use his ankle till it heals. It has to be repositioned with the bone and the player in plaster cast till it completely heals.

Similarly, badminton accident can be in the form of knee injuries, like meniscal tear, cruciate ligament tear, fracture of patella (knee cap), hemarthrosis (collection of blood inside knee joint) when a player falls.

Badminton accidents can be in the form of injuries like lumbosacral strain, sacroiliac joint strain and lumbar disc prolapse. Again, they result from falling during playing. Similarly, badminton accidents in the form of fractures of the hand bones, forearm bones (radius, ulna), arm bone (humerus), shoulder dislocation and collar bone fracture can occur during falling while playing.

As if the above are not enough, frequently we hear of freak accidents with badminton, where, unforeseen types of injuries occur to players in the most tragic manner.

There are reports of smashed shuttles damaging the opponent's eye. It results in damage to the cornea (black of the eye), conjunctiva, retina (vision screen) and even rupture of the eye globe. Damage to the retina can result in total blindness

Such an eye accident has happened to one Mr.Rajkumar, a badminton player at the state level in India. Today, he lives in near total blindness struggling to make his ends meet. In India, where support and sponsorships to sports as such is poor, it can be a very tragic end to a sportsperson unless he is careful while playing.

Another type of freak accidents occur when the head of the racket comes apart from the shaft and hits the opponent resulting in injury. Such an incident happened sometime ago when players were provided with an apparent substandard steel racket. The player got head injury and died. Eye, teeth and facial injuries can also occur if such an accident occurs.

Head, facial, teeth and eye injuries can also occur when misunderstanding between doubles players cause them swinging their rackets injuring their partners. Finally, off court badminton accidents in the form of stress fractures occur when players overenthusiastically weight train themselves inappropriately.

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