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Badminton Activities for Children

There are many different types of badminton activities for children. Finding the right one for you and your child will be the main challenge when looking for such a thing.

Depending on what you and your child are interested in in the area of badminton will largely determine what types of activities you choose to get your child involved in.

The different types of badminton activities for children range from fun and less serious activities to activities that are specifically geared toward bettering your child's skill at the more serious game of badminton.

For younger children who are still trying to decide what type of sports they will enjoy you can get them involved in many different activities that will let you and your child know if badminton is right for them.

The first suggestion for the 4 and under age group who may not know if they would enjoy badminton you should first start with simply getting them an inexpensive racket and shuttlecock to bounce around with you or in the back yard. Many children will enjoy simply hitting a shuttle mid air.

Other activities to explore are games that mimic the idea of badminton such as Balloon Badminton. Balloon Badminton is played with a homemade net, usually composed of string tied to two chairs or trees, and inflated balloons.

Use an old racket to hit the balloons across the "net" in the same manner you would for badminton. Explain to your child as they get acquainted with the game that they get one hit to get the balloon over the net or you score a point and vice versa.

If you see that your child enjoys either of these activities or similar ones you can be assured that they would enjoy learning the game of badminton when they are at an appropriate age. This appropriate age can vary from child to child and it is important not to overwhelm them with the technicalities of the game until they are old enough to understand it and have fun.

For older children who have already shown an interest in this type of sport there are many organized activities for badminton all over the world. Most recreation centers or gym's have badminton courts that you and your child can frequent to play games or practice.

Badminton clubs and teams are also pretty easy to find and unlike some of the other childhood competitive sport these classes often do not fill as quickly. This is a good thing as you and your child may not have to be on a waiting list in order to become a part of a team.

Other activities for older children is to simply make time to teach them drills or different shots so they can grow in their badminton game. Once your child sees that they can improve with a bit of work most children are motivated to practice and become more skilled. This sort of activity will not only help them to be a better badminton player it will also boost self esteem and teach them to use teamwork as well as be a good sport in the face of defeat.

Childhood games and competition is good and healthy for all children. It is a part of growing up that they should be allowed to experience with enough pressure to motivate them but not to discourage them. Be sure you are not applying too much pressure to your child to be "great" at any sport as part of the point is for them to get exercise and enjoy themselves.

The other positive to playing badminton on a team is you will get to see your child developing bonds with their teammates and learning from one another. Badminton is a great sport for children and getting them involved in badminton activities for children can be a healthy outlet for them.

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