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Badminton Bonanza in Govan

Govan may not be the nicest place in Glasgow or Scotland to visit, particularly not when the local football team are at home which means that to walk around the area means any visitor has to circumvent the many drunks that populate on match days and be prepared for a barrage of abuse for no apparent reason but for those who were prepared to visit Govan on the weekend of 29th and 30th of March were treated to an excellent display of badminton.

The latest in a long line of Bank of Scotland Scottish Badminton Bonanza Open tournaments was held in the Cockburn Centre in Govan and it was well worth the visit.

Players from all corners of Scotland including Ullapool and Dunnikier, as well as the major cities and towns, took part in the event which saw all the fans return home happy. The Ladies Singles event saw the players split up into two pools with the winner of each pool facing each other in the grand final of the event. Group A victor Lorna Stafford was up against Group B winner Fiona Walker, with the tie being decided in Stafford's favor by 30-15. This convincing margin of victory was indicative of Stafford's all round quality play in the tournament and there were no complaints about her triumph.

The Mens Singles event managed to attract more participants and the players were split up into four groups with the winners of each group going forward to a semi-final match. Both semi finals were close affairs and strangely enough, both were decided by a score of 30-26 with the winners being Ko Ko Htut and Colin Knox. In an event tighter final, Colin Knox managed to clinch victory with a score of 30-28 in a match that could have gone either way for long periods of it.

The Doubles events were even tighter as the Ladies Doubles final was decided by a one point margin. Sara Jalicy and Ruth Johnston eventually overcame Victoria Leyton and Morag Baxter by a score of 30-29, which was indicative of the closeness in skill set of both teams. The event may have lacked the star name or the big venue appeal that draws some badminton fans to events but with gripping entertainment like this, it was hard to find anyone who was not hugely enjoying the badminton that was on offer.

The Mens Doubles event gave the victors a little bit more leeway as Michael Evans and Martin Rourke were able to defeat Raymond Loh and Mohammed Naeem with a bit to spare as the 30-23 margin showed. The two sets of finalists also won their respective semi-final matches with a few points gap so there can be no doubts that these two duos were the dominant force in the Mens Doubles event.

The Mixed Doubles event saw Michael Evans triumph again as he and partner Lorna Stafford, who had also won the Ladies Singles event, triumphed 30-27 over Mark Bird and Katie Heslop to ensure a double delight for both winners.

Badminton events aren't always about the star names or international events, a lot of fun can be had from watching players who genuinely love and appreciate the game and those who caught the Badminton bonanza in Govan would not have failed to have had their appreciation of the game increased.

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