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What Make a Successful Badminton Coach?

The sport of badminton is supposed to have originated in Greece, about 2000 years ago.

There is no substitute for knowing and understanding as much as you could about the game, like rules or techniques and tactics of Badminton. Some people believe this knowledge is less important for teaching beginner than advanced players but this assumption is wrong. In fact teaching the fundamentals to beginners will require as much knowledge if not more than to coach professional players.

In-depth Knowledge of Badminton

Not knowing how to teach proper skills will risk injuries and frustrate the players because of repeated failures. The more you know about the badminton basic skills and about teaching these basics in the proper sequence, the more success and fun you and your players will have.

Moreover, your ability to teach these skills will earn you great respect from the players. This respect gives you credibility that you can use in teaching them other important things such as ethical behavior, emotional control and respect for others and themselves.


You can have all the skills and knowledge in the world, but without the motivation to use them, you will not be a successful badminton coach. You need to understand the importance of motivation.

Sometimes coaches have the motivation to be successful but not enough time. Or rather they don't have sufficient motivation to make time for doing what is necessary to be a successful coach.


What is empathy? It is the ability to readily understand the thoughts, feelings and emotions of your players, and to convey your sensitivity to them. Successful coaches possess empathy. They understand a player's joy, frustration, anxiety and anger.

Coaches with empathy are able to listen to their players and express their understanding of what was said. They don't belittle, chastise or diminish the self worth. Coaches with empathy also have good communication skills and gain more respect. This will lead them to become a successful badminton coach.

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