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Badminton Deceptive Shots

Often we hear about badminton deceptive shots used in the final seconds of a match to take the win.

Much of the time badminton deceptive shots are otherwise referred to as trick shots. One of the most popular deceptive shots used recently is the shot that won for Peter Gade for the final match point in the Copenhagen Masters Tournament. The shot was beautifully executed effecting his opponent with uncertainty about where the shuttlecock would travel and land.

The deceptive shot that Gade used encompassed everything that a deceptive shot should be, including the fact that it won the match for him. This was a precise and practiced maneuver as all deceptive shots should be. If your 'deceptive shot' is an accident then it is not a true deception it is merely luck.

There are several different types of deceptive shots that can be used in various instances on the court. You can also come up with your own deceptive shots as this is the best for fooling your opponent. First you should know about the two various categories of deception in badminton.

Negative deception is to trick your opposer's by NOT hitting the shuttlecock at the first possible moment, but waiting to strike it at a later time. Considering the rate of play and travel of the shuttlecock this is only going to be a few seconds difference for the most part. However even a few seconds can delay and confuse the pattern of play in most opponents.

The second type of deceptive shot in badminton will be to use positive deception. Positive deception is different than negative deception in that you will still hit the shuttlecock at the first possible moment. The deception will occur with where the shuttlecock is going after you strike it. This is done in many ways and usually executed by changing your body composure as you strike the shuttlecock.

Deception in badminton is going to be one of the best parts of your game. Once you learn how to move your body, wrists and racket to execute tricky and confusing shots. Deceptive shots in badminton can be used at any time, however you will want to read your opponent well and choose the best strategy pertaining to when and how you use deception to make it truly useful in your game.

There are many different types of deceptive shots that are used in all types of badminton games from professional to back yard. The deceptive shot of your choice is really limitless and the criteria for developing your own deceptive hinges on several factors.

When you start working, formulating and practicing your own deceptive shots there are several criteria to keep in mind. The first and most important factor is that your deceptive shot should cause confusion in your opponent. Whether that confusion results from how you hit the shuttlecock, where it will go or when it will be hit is up to you and is best thought out depending on your opponent and their style of play.

The second criteria to take into account when formulating deceptive shots in your badminton game is speed. A deceptive shot should slow your opponent for a few seconds at least. If you have created confusion in your shot this will often automatically happen as confusion of any type will cause the thought processes in any human to slow a bit.

Finally your third goal in many deceptive shots, however not all of them, will be to trick the opponents body composure. As they assess what they believe you will do, you want their confidence to be high enough that they then start an inappropriate movement to counter your strike or shot.

This will often cause an irreversible effect of them not being able to return your shot. If they are wrong footed or have estimated your shot incorrectly enough they will not be set up for a good return and you will have achieved adequate deception.

As you take all these thoughts in to account as you start to formulate your own deceptive shots it is also helpful to watch others. Watch video of deceptive shots executed by the professionals of badminton.

These are often going to be well practiced, formulated and executed with great precision accomplishing all that they set out to. To view such strategies and good execution in deception will only help you in your accurate execution of such shots as well. Some professionals that are great to watch for deceptive shots in badminton include Peter Gade, Hafiz Hashim, Camilla Martin, Peter Rasmussen and of course the one and only Zhao Jian Hua.

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