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As we all know, official badminton originated in England. Badminton England is the name of badminton's governing body in England.

It is much the same as Cricket Australia. It is located in the National Badminton center, Milton Keynes.

The goals of badminton England are:

1. To develop badminton as a sport for everybody, irrespective of age, religion, caste and creed.

2. To encourage the better badminton players to ascend up through the rankings at club, county, national and international level.

Badminton England does the following to keep badminton alive and kicking in England by doing the following for the game:

1. Giving up to date information about the game for those who seek it.

2. Undertaking coaching classes for players.

3. Taking up the responsibility of conducting tournaments from county to international level.

4. Compile and sell books and videos about badminton.

5. Intensively promoting badminton as a sport at club, county, national and international level.

Badminton England aims to improve and encourage the game in general by:

1. Providing an excellent and competitive playing structure to all Badminton England members.

2. Conducting events and encouraging children and non-members to take up badminton as a sport.

3. By increasing the popularity of badminton by promoting it through media and television.

Badminton England has separate departments to carry out the above agenda and serve members. Some of them are:

1. Events department

2. Membership department

3. Coaching department

4. Development department

5. Elite play department

Moreover, Badminton England closely interacts with all the 41 counties of England to give support to their league and club structures.

One distinctive feature of Badminton England is the different categories of membership available to suit individual needs. So, a distinct membership category is available for supporters, individual members, senior clubs and junior clubs. This flexible membership offering increases the versatility and individual coverage of Badminton England.


COURTSIDE MEMBERS covers the players and non-players from supporters and spectators. The facilities available are availability of tickets at discounts to Badminton England events, free subscription to Badminton magazine and facilities to avail any special offer which may occur now and then within Badminton England.

ONCOURT MEMBERS are playing members. They are covered by public liability insurance, receive quarterly magazine, allowed to participate in Badminton England organized events and discounted tickets for the same and other events arranged by badminton England.

ONCOURT PLATINUM MEMBERS get 5 pounds voucher for spending in the Online shop, free member advisory service, free technique DVD and an exclusive badminton England pin badge in addition to all the facilities given to on court members.

SOCIETY/DIRECT AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP is for societies and organizations willing to be direct members of badminton England. Secretaries of such groups are covered by public liability insurance; get quarterly issue of badminton magazine and a free handbook.

JUNIOR CLUB MEMBERSHIP is for junior members of all clubs. They are covered by public liability insurance and their secretaries will have the benefits of society and direct affiliate membership. Junior members can play in inter county championships.

FULL MEMBERS are club badminton players. In addition to all the benefits of other category members plus they can access and enjoy additional benefits not available to other categories above.

AFFILIATED CLUBS can access badminton England shuttle scheme and are eligible for getting copy of badminton England handbook with other additional benefits as well.

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