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Badminton Enjoys Best-Ever Olympics in Beijing

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) has hailed the recent Beijing Olympics as the best ever for the sport since it was given medal status in 1992.

BWF secretary general said the tournament was a major success with spectator and television appeal as host country China took three of the five gold medals on offer. Indonesia and South Korea won the other golds.

Borrie said the world governing body is now looking to make further improvements to the sport to increase its popularity among fans and television audiences.

The BWF executive committee meeting is in Lausanne, Switzerland on October 11 while the council meets in Seoul, South Korea on December 6. He said significant decisions are likely to be made at both meetings.

"Currently, the BWF are preparing a review paper on the Beijing Olympics. Based on our feedback, they were our best Olympics," Borrie was quoted as saying in the media.

"We had the best venue and the best support from the hosts. There were not more than three official complaints made on the line judging. This was good. The representation from our members was more diverse."

An important development that came out of the Olympics in Beijing was the confirmation that badminton would remain an Olympic medal sport until at least the 2016 Games before it is once again reviewed.

It is also expected to be one of 25 core sports in the 2020 Olympics.

Said Borrie: "There will be continuous reviews and ways to make the sport attractive to the fans and television audience."

Among the decisions to be ratified by the executive committee is to stage a Super Series Grand Final this year.

In the inaugural season of the Super Series in 2007, the Grand Finals was cancelled because of a lack of sponsorship in Doha, Qatar, which was to host the tournament.

The BWF hopes to resurrect the tournament, which acts as the season-ending finale, before the year is out.

The body is also to review a decision to host the world championships every year except in an Olympic year. They will also discuss whether it is necessary to move the BWF headquarters from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The body's contract with Malaysia ends at the end of the year and there is a possibility that it will move.

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