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Badminton Footwork is the most fundamental skill that you need to possess in order to become a successful Badminton player.

Your opponent will most certainly try to play every shot away from you and the only way to reach the shuttle is to have a good footwork.

So how to define what good footwork is?

Good badminton footwork is simply having the ability to reach the shuttle early while on balance. You can skip, shuffle, bounce, glide, chasse step or lunge on court.

So long as you reach the shuttle fast, depriving your opponents of time, you can use all the above movement that suits best to you depending on the situation.

Although there are no fix movements on performing the badminton footwork, there are some basic things to remember.

Bent your knees slightly with your feet shoulder width apart. Stay on the balls of your feet and hold your racket up in front of your body. This is the ready position you shall assume in the centre of the mid-court area.

This centre area which can be referred as your base is not fixed. It is an area where you are in your ready position and can possibly reach all shots hit towards your court. Position your base accordingly after considering yours and your opponent's strength and weaknesses.

Let say that you are strong and good at hitting shots from the back court. You may consider positioning your base slightly nearer to the service fault line to gain an advantage. If you are not certain where your strength lies yet, just make your base on the centre of the mid court area. You won't go too wrong from there.

For all shots that are played in the frontcourt, take a small step first followed by a bigger step, extending your racket leg to reach the shuttle. The bigger step performed is known as a lunge. The timing of the shot will be improved if the landing of your racket leg is simultaneous with the shot.

For all shots that are played in the midcourt, extend your racket leg to reach shuttle that are hit towards your racket side of your body. Extend your racket leg or non-racket leg to reach shuttle that are hit towards your non-racket side of your body.

For all shots that are played in the backcourt, rotate your hips and shoulder and move back far enough so that your body is behind the falling shuttle. This will increase the power and variety of your stroke. If you can't get back fast enough, you will most likely be forced to hit a weak clear.

Below is a diagram showing you the direction and area that you have to cover during play.

Unless you are confident where your opponent will play the next shot, try to return to your base every time after you make a shot. Always be ready to react quickly and be alert.

Remember...Badminton Footwork is the most fundamental skill in Badminton. You must master it to progress further...

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