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Most people would associate the sport of badminton with strenuous athletic activity, sweating on the court, backhand and forehand smashes. Of course, we should not forget to add to this list the famous badminton 'birdie'.

However, we should not forget that the game of badminton is not one that involves demanding physical activity only. It is also a game that has inspired a lot of humor. If you do a search for badminton funny pictures on the Internet, you would find a lot of comical photographs and cartoons. Not only this, badminton funny jokes are also available aplenty on the World Wide Web.

To add to this, some badminton funny videos have been posted on the Internet. These involve hilarious training incidents, some high school badminton training classes, videos of comical return shots etc. thus, one should dispel the notion from their mind that badminton is a sport only for the serious minded individuals.

One cannot say that there are a lot of badminton funny cartoons available on the World Wide Web. However, cartoons about the sport of badminton have a long history. One of the first known badminton funny cartoons was published by Punch magazine in the year 1854.

The cartoon is based on the game of Battledore and Shuttlecock, the game that was the predecessor of the present day sport of badminton. Primarily a children's diversion, the cartoon depicts the nuisance the game created on the streets of London.

Other cartoons are based on gags based on getting trapped in the net, funny return volleys and using the equipment to play a sport other than badminton (golf, for example). One of my favorite cartoons compares the sport to tennis and seems to (half-heartedly) decide that it is as fast a sport as tennis; it is just that the shuttlecock seems to move a bit slower.

There are also a few screensavers available for downloading on the World Wide Web that compares playing of badminton to world politics. Also, there are quite a few badminton funny snapshots posted on the Internet related to this sport.

Most of these involve visual gags based on the size of the shuttlecock or the placing of the badminton racquet in some really incongruous situations like dirt bike racing or in the hands of superheroes.

The best gags, however, are the jokes detailing your addiction to the game. They usually enumerate the signs that illustrate the fact that badminton is the only passion of your life, to the exclusion of everything else.

The obsessed player refuses to go on dates, will watch badminton videos in the middle of a party, has a net set up inside his house, is fanatically dedicated to his shuttlecock collection and recognizes no connection between the word 'single' and marital status. Not only this, the fanatic badminton player chooses his life partner on the basis of their game.

Some of the best badminton funny jokes involve the care of the shuttlecocks. They detail the lengths the fixated player might go to in order to keep the shuttlecocks moist.

Quite a few of these badminton funny jokes are also based on the subject of nationality - the fanatical player wishes that he was born in either Indonesia or Malaysia - the two countries with colorful histories associated with the sport.

However, badminton funny humor is not confined only to jokes. You can also find clothing with badminton funny slogans on them. Most of these gags are based on hyperbole and they present a mania which posits badminton as the most important object in the world.

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