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Well, when it comes to badminton jokes there are plenty of them available online as well as offline.

However, as a ground reality we know finding a good badminton joke can be a real challenging task especially when finding offline or in printed formats, as you may have to search for several books, magazines or other literature.

Whereas, the online world is really different, as you can easily find numerous badminton jokes online these days. Contrary to the recent past, these days there are many online websites that are especially dedicated to jokes. Depending upon your choice you can search for different jokes in different categories, such as cricket jokes, tennis jokes and even badminton jokes.

No doubt, badminton is a serious racket game that requires a lot of stamina and practice to win the game, but there is something unique in it to make it a funny sport. Though, as far as quality is concerned, you may not be able to find a really funny joke, cartoon or picture so easily. But still there are a lot of badminton funny cartoons and pictures available on the Internet.

Those who have a little knowledge know that cartoons about the sport of badminton have a long history associated with them. One of the most famous and recorded badminton funny cartoons was published by Punch magazine in the year 1854.

Let's come back to badminton jokes. One of the most simple and short badminton jokes could be "Bad Minton". Badminton is unquestionably a very popular sport around the world. Perhaps there is something really funny in the name itself, e.g. there are many terms and accessories associated with the sport that make this sport a funny one, such as "shuttlecock", "shuttle",""cock", "love all", "service over" and "change ends" etc.

Jokes are jokes; they can come in any form or type, so it all depends upon who says and what, and in what circumstances. For example, it is said that in order to score in badminton a player must place his cock in his opponent's court with thrust. It is really funny when it is generally said that in badminton a player may only handle the cock before serving or after scoring.

I still remember, when a childhood friend of mine once said, "If a player does not get the cock into his opponents court for any reason then he does not score and cannot try again until he has service again."

I am sure, everybody who in some form or other is related to badminton sport, knows that in badminton damaged cocks aren't used as this can cause irritation to the court surface. No doubt, courts are delicate so should be handled with utmost care and delicacy. Therefore it is sometimes said that rubber covers (of course in badminton) are highly advised for safety as they are about 99% less likely to damage the court.

Wise people say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. So true, especially when it comes to jokes. There are many people who may not laugh even at decent jokes, whereas there are people who would start bursting at some simple lines. If you don't believe then see these lines:

"Courts with worn or damaged patches should not be used for at least two weeks."

"We don't need new balls in badminton."

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