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Badminton humor? You must be kidding. That's a gross misconception! It's such a boring and dull game and badminton players completely lack humor.

Enough, wait my friend; you know, you only have to surf the net to know how wrong you are. Badminton humor is there everywhere on every aspect of the game to provide rib tickling comedy for you.

For instance, serious practitioners of the game have some not- so- serious criteria to identify a badminton fanatic. You apparently fit the bill if you fulfil any one of the following badminton humor criteria:

- You call in sick to work to go play Badminton.

- When watching a football match and the defense becomes weak you shout SMASH! SMASH!

- At parties and get- togethers you compare and try to outdo calluses with friends.

- You find yourself continually rummaging at shoe sales hopeful of finding that elusive ultimate pair of badminton shoes, for under $10.

- As you stand you know exactly where five foot is on your body.

- When you're male, instead of Pamela Anderson, a picture of Camilla Martin hangs above your bed.

- You "chase" instead of walking.

- You know exactly how many cross and main strings there are in a racket.

- You know exactly how many feathers there are in a shuttle.

- You know all the shuttle speed codes from all the different manufacturers.

- When someone mentions "single", you think of badminton instead of a marital status.

- You nearly flunked your exams because you spent all your time playing badminton.

- Your partner accidentally smashed your eye-glasses during a game, you immediate run to clean your eye, hop in the car, drive home, put on your contacts, come back, and start playing again, all in less than 15 mins.

- Now that you have the perfect pair, you live in fear of their being discontinued before you can stock up.

- In the shower, you start reviewing what you should have done during yesterday's game and your wife has to remind you to get out and get moving before you're late for work.

- You practice footwork in front of the men's room mirror when you do get to work.

- You hold your girlfriend's hand, and she complains you are strengthening your grip.

- The guy who strings your racquet recognizes it as yours even if someone else brings it there for you.

The following is an interesting collection of lame excuses fulfilling badminton humor criteria for losing a game of badminton:

- My partner was lousy.

- The shuttle went through a hole in the net.

- The lights were glaring

- That was your ball, partner.

- Tournament shuttle was bad.

- Linesman was cross-eyed.

- My string was too loose.

- I wore new shoes.

- I was not yet ready when he served.

So, go ahead, play the game with lots of passion and season it with badminton humor at each and every level to enjoy it to the core. Happy and hilarious playing.

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