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Proper Badminton lesson plans are needed if you want to progress further in the game.

Different players will have a different plan due to their standard or level of playing. I will show you a badminton lesson plan that I have designed for my beginner students. You can take it as a guide when you are planning yours.

In the first level, I will start off with the racket grip. This may properly take about two sessions of practice in order to achieve the correct racket grip. One session is about an hour. Although this is very basic, it is very important because a correct gripping takes u further in other strokes play.

After the first level, I will move onto the second level. At this stage I will teach my student the upper arm and under arm swing as well as the forehand service. This learning will take about two sessions. The objective of this second stage is to grasp the correct upper and under arm swing and an introduction to badminton service.

Moving on to the third level of learning. This level combines strokes play like clear, drop, under arm clear, net play, low service as well as the forward and backward footwork. Since this level is mixed with a variety of strokes and footwork drills, it will need about 8 sessions to achieve the objective, which is to possess the correct upper and underarm strokes execution and the correct forward and backward movement.

Now we are at level 4 of the badminton lesson plan. In this level, we will actually repeat the practice in level 3 but in addition I will teach students on smashing, defending, under arm push, drive and also the side way footwork. It will take about 16 sessions to achieve a good timing for executing clear, drop shots, smashes and defending. Besides, we also want students to be able to perform under arm stroke with proper finger grip and able to move to all corners of the court with proper footwork.

Progressing to level 5, players are ordered to repeat the training in level 4, but in addition they get to learn new strokes like chops or slice shots, backhand strokes and unorthodox footwork. At this stage, players are required to build up strong physicals by performing the physical training. This will take about 32 sessions to achieve it. Besides that, we want to make sure that the player can perform good execution of all underarm strokes and able to use backhand correctly.

In level 6, players are told to repeat the training in level 5. However, this time they approach the repeated drills with strokes accuracy and consistency as well as the physical training. This will need about 64 sessions to achieve good timing for all upper arm and under arm strokes and also able to cover the court well.

We are now at level 7 of the badminton lesson plan where players are to repeat the training in level 6. In addition, players are taught to use match strategies in order to deal with different type of players. Besides that, I will start to intensify the training and also increase the intensity of the physical training. This probably will take about 128 sessions to achieve the objectives of hitting all strokes more accurately, and able to plan and play the match well. I will also encourage them to participate in the juniors and school level of competition.

In level 8, players are to repeat the training in level 7 but this time with higher intensity and it would take about 256 sessions to enable players to participate in the selection of State Junior Badminton squad.

After that, they will be in level 9. At this stage players will repeat the training in level 8 with greater intensity and higher frequency. This type of training is the same as the state level of training. This level of training should be continuous in order to achieve the standard of national level and to enter the national squad.

Lastly, in level 10, there are ready to compete in the international arena. They are to repeat the training in level 9 with maximum output. The training is the same as the national training. At this level they will focus on winning international titles.

The above is the badminton lesson plan that I will ask my aspiring students to follow. Of course not all of them will become national players or international stars. But the chances of succeeding will be much higher with a well thought out plan. So start your badminton lesson plans now and you will definitely see improvement in your game.

Article by : Kah Shin

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