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A logo is a graphic element a symbol or an icon and in combination with its logotype, arranged in a particular way it, becomes the identifying mark of a company, group, brand or forum etc. The major function of a logo in fact is to produce an immediate identification.

Logos become an indispensable part of the identity of the brand or group they represent. The inverted Y inside a circle for Mercedes, the black horse for Ferrari, the Nike swoosh, the Adidas three stripes are some unforgettable logos of our times.

There are three basic parts of a logo - the logotype (letter mark), the icon (symbol), and the slogan. It's essential that your logo should be distinct and easily distinguishable to avoid confusion.

Most of the companies, corporations, brands use logos these days. Thus it has become to recognize a logo without its name. But there are a few logos, like the Red Cross, the red ribbon of the Coca Cola logo which work against language barriers and countries because of their immense popularity and wide spread usage.

Logo designing is a significant area in the field of graphic design in today's world. The logo is seen as the embodiment of a group. Some of things that should be kept in mind when designing a logo are - be practical, avoid using too many colors, work with design infringements, avoid using complex images or photographs of a live person, refrain from using images which might offend sensibilities, while creating the logo use vector graphics which would help adjust the size of the image without losing its basic functionality.

Badminton logos can be of two types - first the ones that represent the sport itself. 'A white stick figure holding a racquet and aiming at a shuttlecock' is the Olympic logo for badminton, for example. The second ones are the badminton logos which represent various teams, tournaments etc.

Teams adopt logos which become representatives of the team, the head of a bull for Chicago Bulls for example. Team logos bind team members and induce team spirit. The team logo is either embroidered or printed on the uniforms of each player.

In a single player game, players often sport their country's flag instead of any other logos. Many a times, in case of professional badminton circuit, there are sports goods companies which sponsor players. These sponsorship contracts require the players to sport the logo of the company on their uniforms.

Some years back, the Indonesian Badminton Association, for example, got into a hitch with the sport's goods manufacturer Yonex, and was facing a compensation claim of $255,000, as the players did not wear the standard issued uniforms of the Yonex Company at a practice match in West Java.

The contract however required them to wear Yonex shirts and use their racquets in all matches in Indonesia and overseas. Yonex paid about a million dollars in sponsorship to the Indonesian Badminton Association.

With graphic designing becoming a thriving profession there is a wide range of designing firms available to cater to your individual needs. All you need to do is to clue them about the nature of your group/ team and the various contexts in which the logo might be used.

Badminton logos for example would adorn the player's uniforms, would be used for publicity, and for identification during tournaments. A logo should ideally be transferable from one context to another without losing its significance and viability.

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