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Well, it is really difficult to name a single badminton magazine that can be termed as a complete magazine.

Reason can be anything, such as magazine coverage, its language, its price, membership requirements or any other possible reason. However, to choose a best magazine you need to consider so many factors depending upon your objective to purchase and why you want to read it. Once you are clear on your objective then there are bright chances to find a good badminton magazine especially if you are a net savvy person.

A good badminton magazine is one that best suits your taste as well as requirements. There are many magazines that are at the forefront of badminton journalism. They may offer you opportunities to enhance your knowledge and provide you the links with other like-minded people to feature a new, dynamic lifestyle format and layout. Let's see some good badminton magazines in the subsequent paragraphs.

Badminton Magazine: The Badminton Magazine by Badminton England is an interesting magazine with tons of useful information. It is published every quarter (4 issues per year) with interesting information and articles about all aspects of the game including unique interviews, on-the-ground and behind-the-scenes stories, training and technique segments. Readers in UK are entitled for free delivery, while special prices apply for international delivery.

Badminton Asia: Badminton Asia is a relatively new badminton sports and lifestyle magazine from the publisher called Badminton Asia, Inc., Hong Kong. Basically it is an Asian magazine having sufficient information about upcoming badminton events, tips, news items, results, and rankings. It is supposed to be the official voice of the Asian Badminton Confederation in the region that is circulated in approximately 42 member countries of the ABC including Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines.

In the most recent issue (September), you can find detailed information about Hong Kong Open, Korea Open, Chinese-Taipei Open, Malaysia Open, Indonesia Open, Singapore Open and Philippine Open along with useful tips, articles and interview coverage from the experts.

Scottish Badminton Magazine: The Scottish Badminton Magazine is another great magazine since 1975. Literally there are a very few magazines in the market that have such a glorious history. Though, basically it is a local magazine for Scotland but has a lot of information about famous players, reports from major events and tournaments from other countries as well.

Special editorial and regular columns from renowned personalities in Scottish Badminton also appear every month. The Scottish Badminton Magazine is published in four issues (September, November, February & May). Membership is also available and members are entitled to receive all four issues of the magazine as part of membership.

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