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Looking for the right badminton racket can seem daunting and challenging at times, especially when there are so many badminton racket brands to choose from.

The range of badminton racket brands can go on and on however there are the best that many seasoned and even novice players are aware of and then there are a few that are little known treasures found at a good price.

Some of the most popular and best quality racket brands are priced quite high. Although you are, in most cases, getting a great quality racket you also need to be sure you are getting the right racket for your game and style of play. After all no matter how much you spend on a racket the goal is not to empty your bank account but instead to improve your shots, technique and score.

There are many different badminton racket brands, some of the most popular include Carlton, Karakal, Yonex, ProKennex, Wilson, Qiangli, Victor and ProTech. A less popular brand that will save you more than a few dollars is Prospeed. Any and all of these rackets are high quality and have their advantages and some have their disadvantages.

For instance Prospeed is a high quality racket that is priced lower than most and much an unknown in the world of badminton. It is still rated among it's purchasers as a quality racket that has gone the distance for the great price (around $50.00 USD).

Carlton, however produces a set of rackets that is going to cost you a bit more money (approximately $85.00 USD and up for the better rackets) for the higher quality rackets they produce. However this racket is known for it's great low drag and aerodynamic design, making it a preferred racket by some.

Karakal is a Belgium company that has been producing badminton rackets for about 28 years and has grown very popular among the badminton community. They stand by the cost of their rackets as being reasonable for the price (generally listed at $120.00 USD and up) as you are purchasing a racket made of the most innovative fusion materials that will inevitably improves the performance of the Karakal rackets.

Other brands such as Qiangli ($50.00-$185.00 USD) and Yonex ($160.00-$225.00 USD) have added to their price not only for the amazing racket that you will purchase but also because they have professional endorsements. There is something to be said about the rackets that the professionals use as they are often thought of as the best.

Even though these are both excellent brand rackets the price may not be so excellent for your pocket book. You should always take into account the way the racket feels to you and how you think it may improve your game before purchasing a racket just because a professional badminton player like the way it improves or feels for his or her game. There is not doubt that these are great rackets, but are they the right racket for your strengths and weaknesses?

The point to remember here is that you can find a review and testimonial on every racket on the market. You can find a review on all the makers and brands as well as how well the maker says they work and how well consumers agree with the abilities of each brand and racket. These are all things you should look into and read as you start to make you decision on which is the best racket for you.

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