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Badminton Super Series is a popular badminton tournament that began in 2007. It is a tournament that brings the best in the world at badminton together.

It is played in 12 countries. The media attention that the series brings is great for the sport of badminton it helps provide a little more mainstream exposure for the sport. It truly is a super series that offers a good reward for the champion.

The Badminton Super Series was started to bring more exposure to badminton. The Badminton World Federation (BWF) figured that it will help makes badminton more popular. That it could influence more people to play badminton. The tournament can does this because it has all the best players compete against one another in the tournament.

This high level of play will make for exciting matches. Therefore, it will attract more people to the sport. BWF hopes this can make stars out of some of its players. This super series could be like other championships and tournaments in popular sports such as the NFL Playoffs, World Cup in soccer and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) basketball tournament.

The badminton super series has its own unique way that its run. There are 32 players/pairs that compete in the tournament. The top 28 players in the world will be invited to participate in the tournament. Then, four additional spots will be decided in the qualification round. The super series also will have a good amount of prize money.

The minimum prize money for champion of the tournament is 200,000. Equally important, the individual tournaments are allowed to offer purses above this amount. Super Series is different than other tournaments because it also pays money regardless of what round you exit in the tournament. Even players that lost in the first round get a certain percentage of the overall prize money.

There are some things that the players dislike about the tournament. Gail Emms a retired badminton player from England doesn't like that there is such a large discrepancy between the amount the champion gets and the runner-up gets. There is a bigger difference amongst the winner and everybody else in the tournament such as if you lose in first round, semi-finals or quarter finals.

Lin Dan of China doesn't like how players can be drawn to play other really high ranked players early in the tournament. He doesn't like that in the tournament you can play a really high ranked player in the early rounds of the tournament. "I look forward to playing against Taufik but not this early. It is not good for the sport to have the best players meeting each other too early in a tournament," said Lin Dan.

BWF hopes that the Super Series will continually help make badminton more popular. They eventually want badminton to be the most popular racket sport. They think it could maybe be one day be even more popular than their main competitor tennis. Many people see this series as a step in the right direction.

This kind of tough competition is what can truly make champions and great championship players. That's because to be great at something you need someone or something that will motivates you to maximize your abilities and to play at the level that you are capable of playing.

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