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Badminton tactics may not be needed for someone who is just interested to play casual badminton without a competitive edge, where only some basic understanding about the game may be sufficient.

But to really excel in it, preferably at professional level, you need to know at least some basic badminton tactics and be able to apply them during your game.

Badminton tactics give maximum returns with minimum physical effort. By applying badminton tactics, you can outwit your opponent who may be better than you in terms of talent. So, naturally it needs tremendous and concerted mental application, especially when the game is in progress.

In turn, mental application comes only when you really like to play badminton. Hence, willing participation and desire to excel is the key to successfully employ badminton tactics to outwit the better opponent. In other words, when you play badminton, you play with lots of passion towards your game.

And always remember that while playing is physical, winning is mental. So, enter the badminton court with a lucid brain at its peak alertness, waiting to analyze the weakness of the opponent and capitalize on it by suitably and subtly employing badminton tactics.

In singles, the speed of the opponent should give you an idea of how to employ badminton tactics during your play. If the opponent is sluggish in his movements, then you should play aggressively, always sending him to all corners of the court to retrieve the shuttle and avoid feeding him shots, which he can return without moving.

If the opponent is quick footed, then you must change your badminton tactics. In addition to keeping him on the move, you must analyze his shots, learn to anticipate what shot he is going to execute in a given situation and mould your game accordingly. Sometimes, giving opportunities to play his favorite shot will work to your advantage because; you gain additional milliseconds to reach the shuttle as you anticipate it in advance.

This will sow the seeds of doubt in two ways in your opponent. One, he will be frustrated that he had missed a winner and second, it will create doubts in his game and skills in that you were able to reach and return his favorite shot, by which he usually wins a point.

Similarly, when you are facing an opponent who has tremendous patience and stamina, you have to play hard and fast to unsettle him. Alternatively, if he lacks in stamina, you must deliberately lengthen the duration of rallies and force him to commit mistakes by making him tired. Deliberately slowing down the game is also one of the badminton tactics.

In addition, you must use the dimensions of the court to your advantage in planning badminton tactics. You must consistently pin your opponent to the backcourt, as his returns from there can be easily met by you. You will get additional milliseconds to return his shot more effectively. Also, it will enable you to play successful drop shots against him.

Do not unnecessarily smash, as it is the shot, which drains you physically and mentally. Play it when you are sure of winning a point or ending the rally within the next one or two shots in your favor.

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