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Badminton teaching tips are very essential irrespective of whether the player is a beginner or expert, professional or amateur.

It is because badminton-teaching tips help not only in correcting the player's mistakes but to make him a better player also.

Badminton teaching tips should ideally be given to children in their starting years of playing as it will guide and correct them in their budding years, making them overall better players later.

The badminton teaching tips for children should concentrate on:

1. Basic skills like how to hold the racket.

2. Skills in shot making.

3. Covering the court.

4. Safety precautions.

5. Recreational value, that is, learning by fun.

6. Development of social interactive skills.

7. Dietary advise.

Badminton teaching tips can be given in the course of games also to children. You can make them play and give teaching tips after the game is over. Concentrate on the following:

1. Start them with few basic rules.

2. Once they become proficient with them, keep on adding the other rules.

3. Encourage them during their play.

4. Once the play is over, demonstrate the correct stance and shots instead of concentrating on the mistakes they made.

5. Teach about the practice modalities to improve their performance in the subsequent days.

6. Teach them the skills they need to master for the following games.

7. Emphasize on first aid requirement and basic first aid measures.

The following badminton teaching tips are to be concentrated on when coaching a beginner or an intermediate level player:

1. How to appropriately serve without missing.

2. The biomechanics of the execution of various shots.

3. The art of covering the court to reach the shuttle better.

4. The choice of shot to win over an opponent.

5. The mistakes to be avoided, for example, the shuttle should always be directed to land on vacant areas in the opponent's court to always keep him on the move. It must be kept in mind that any opponent can execute deadly accurate shots when he is not on the move and the shuttle is hit for his easy reach.

In addition, badminton teaching tips should focus on the following regarding doubles and mixed doubles players:

1. How to cover the court without clashing.

2. How to make appropriate service returns.

3. To what extent, each have to stretch and take the shot without getting confused.

4. How to assess the opponent's weakness and be able to exploit it to the maximum. It is especially important to assess the opponent girl's weakness in mixed doubles and use it to advantage.

5. How to channelise your attack.

6. How to indulge in cross court defense and attack.

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