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Badminton test is very essential for assessing one's comprehension and knowledge regarding badminton, without which one cannot improve further in the game in any capacity.

Badminton test can be conducted for physical education students, club trainees, amateur players, budding professional players, coaches, referees, linesmen and even people who are generally interested in and follow badminton.

Badminton test helps the assessor to find out in which aspect of the game, the trainee is weak and require more knowledge. In addition, it also helps the assessor to find out the stronger points of the trainee as well. This enables the assessor to concentrate on the trainee's weak points and ignore his strong points, which saves time and aid in the rapid improvement of the trainee in understanding the nuances of badminton better and fast.

Badminton test can be conducted for single individual or group of people, depending upon the requirement and time. In general, individual assessment is more accurate than group assessment. Also, modification in training and enhancement of performance after evaluation is better on an individual basis than a group.

Badminton test can be conducted in many ways. The main test types followed are:

1. Multiple choice questions

2. Stating true or false

3. Doing match the following

4. Filling in the blanks

5. Writing long Essays

6. Writing short paragraphs

Multiple-choice questions test the specificity of a person's knowledge regarding various aspects of badminton. In multiple choice questions, for a given question, there will be four to five answers and the person taking the test has to choose the correct one. Closely running choices are very common in multiple-choice questions, making it difficult and formidable for the person taking the test.

Stating true or false is relatively easier than multiple-choice questions. In this, for a given information regarding badminton, the person has to answer either true or false. Even if he doesn't know the answer, the probability of answering correctly is 50%. So, it is not a very specific test for true knowledge regarding badminton.

Doing match the following is relatively tougher than stating true or false. In this, there will be two columns of 5 items each and the person taking the test has to match the information between the first and second columns. The fallacy here is that even if he knows just 3 or 4 items to match, he can get the remaining items correctly by exclusion. So, this is also not as good as multiple-choice questions.

Filling up the blanks requires accurate knowledge regarding badminton and is more accurate than multiple choice questions because, even in multiple choice questions, the probability of choosing the correct answer from the given options is somewhere around 20 to 25%.

Writing long essays and paragraphs require specific and widespread knowledge regarding badminton, but the drawback is that if the person taking the test has poor command over the language, he can fare poorly because of defective presentation.

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