Badminton Training –
Becoming a Star

Badminton Training is the key to becoming a successful player.

Star players are not born over night, they all train like all other players, but what training do they do to become such stars? They train in a smart way, train with coaches that produce quality players and not quantity of players.

However, coaches and players need to collaborate together in order to achieve the best result. Hence a right badminton training regime is definitely the main ingredient in getting the ultimate desired result, a champion.

Training is the essential tool in being successful, not just in sports. It’s applicable to every other field. However, in badminton, basic training is always the most important ones. Footwork and strokes are the basic elements for success.

Footwork is how a player moves around in the court, whether attacking or defending. Strokes, is how one player being able to execute his play. With these 2 basic skills, one is already on the right track to be a good player.

Using a proper racket in Badminton Training will also help players to be able to swing the racket better and increases familiarity with the sting tension. This is important because it will reflect on the players play and the power of the shuttle upon impact. Training with a right shoe is also very important as well because it decreases the possibilities of being injured.

Training right is not just about the equipments, and footwork, it is also about the diet and the badminton training regime one follows. If a player were to train very hard but doesn’t go according to the diet plan, their game play will reflect it and the result can sometimes be really horrendous and disappointing.

A training regime is designed to bring out the best of a player. If a player were to train right and according to the regime set by his coach, he will definitely excel and achieve the right results.

Badminton is not just about speed and power, it is such a beautiful and competitive game that every single variable have to be taken into account. Datuk Eddy Choong once pointed out that the game of badminton comprises three components - power and speed, accuracy, deception.

The modern players go for power and speed and tend to forget about accuracy. But no single components stand out because each controls the other. So training right is always the essential way to achieve good results.

Badminton training can be a very broad and wide subject. Different coaches can argue that their training method is one of the best in the world.

However, training should not be rigid, it should be able to cater to different needs of one player to bring the best out of him. Want to be a champion? Get your training right before you start getting it all wrong.

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