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Badminton Training Using Squash Racket

Badminton is a great game to play, really enjoyable and it is also a good exercise. Some of us play badminton for fun, during their leisure time while others take it more seriously, and go for badminton training.

There are many different types of ways to train up your badminton skills. Today, I am going to focus more on training up your power. There are many ways to increase the strength of a badminton player's shot. One of the most common ways used is by training with a squash racket

Why use a squash racket? Well the answer to that question is simple... The grip size of the squash racket is similar to that of a badminton racket, unlike the tennis racket where its grip size is a little different to that of the badminton racket.

Using a squash racket for training will make a player's smash stronger. To illustrate this, Martial Art students will tie something heavy on their legs, like stone, metal or sandbags while they train as this will help them to produce and execute a more powerful kick. The squash racket training works in the same way as this.

Using a squash racket also trains a player's wrist to be more flexible. As the grip size of the squash racket is similar to the grip size of the badminton racket, players can do many exercises involving wrist work such as wrist rotation, backhand, forehand, drive and etc...

If a player uses a tennis racket to do this, it will make their wrist stiff because of its thick grip. The squash racket training is also part of a badminton player's warm up. Normally, most players will take a few swings on the squash racket as a warm up before stepping onto the court.

By doing this, you will feel that the badminton racket is much lighter and easier to swing during trainings and even competitions. It will give you a slight advantage. When a squash racket is used for training, it will not stiffen a player's wrist.

By doing other weight trainings, players wrist might become stiffer if it was done too many times or too often. However, players can do the squash racket training everyday without the fear that their wrist will become stiff as it is like training with a heavy badminton racket. It also prevents players from injuring their wrist as by doing this training, a player's wrist not only gets stronger, but also more flexible.

But if you are just starting out on the game, it is not advisable to train with the squash racket right away because it can cause injury. This is because you might not be used to the heavy weight of the squash racket. Well, I am sure that this will help you in your game, and all the best in your badminton career.

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