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Badminton web sites can be found all over the World Wide Web. Some will be more helpful than others and the trick to finding what you are looking for is to know where to go and how to look.

Often times you will find that if you do a simple search on 'badminton' you will find badminton web sites that cover the entire arena of the sport of badminton. Most often if you do a search this broad you will find that the first few pages of your search results will only be vendors that sell badminton supplies and accessories.

This is fine if that is what you are looking for, however if you want actual information about the sport you will need to be much more specific. Especially if you prefer not to spend half your day searching through your search results for the information you seek.

As far as badminton web sites go some web sites are more reliable or informative than others. Some of the web sites you will find will include only blogs from other players with their thoughts on the sport. In order to find reliable and trustworthy information you will need to first asses what it is you are looking for. The more specific you can make your search the more specific your findings will be.

Some helpful hints about searching for specific badminton information is to be just that, specific. If you want rules of the game, type in rules for badminton or instruction on how to play badminton. If you are looking for on going tournaments try 'badminton tournaments 2007'. Aside from being specific look at the title of the web page you are about to bring up if it looks as if it is merely sales or blogs and that is not what you are looking for revise your search.

Aside from knowing how to search for the information you want on badminton some helpful web sites that cover much of the topic of badminton include the following:




Any of the above listed web site can offer you an array of information including rules, workouts, drills, where to go for equipment as well as general articles and news. Other ways of searching for what you want to find out about the sport of badminton is to look for information on official websites. Many of the official and national organizations will not have .com addresses they will have .org addresses. Looking at the entire web site address will often give you an idea if it is what you are looking for.

Once you have found a web site that you like, such as you can often find corresponding news, articles, drills, instruction and other forms of information simply by searching the menu's within the site. If your original search was for deceptive shots in badminton and this article leads you to want to see a video of deceptive shots you can almost always rest assured any good web site will have a link to something similar or related. Don't be afraid to look in the menus as you will often find much more exciting and interesting information there than you may anticipate.

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