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The Badminton World Championships are always an exciting and thrilling event. This is an event that can be enjoyed by all, whether you are a novice player, never played the sport at all or professional pining to get in on the action.

Watching or reading about the Badminton World Championships is in fact how many people begin to take an interest in the great sport of badminton. It has truly become responsible in part for the recognition of Badminton as a true competitive and challenging sport, and not just a back yard game to play amongst friends and children.

What can you expect to see at the Badminton World Championships? There is a great deal of badminton that includes men's singles, men's doubles, women's singles, women's doubles as well as mixed doubles.

You will also have the chance to see a new and exciting place if your plans include traveling to the venues to see the Badminton World Championships. Many of the host countries and cities have a wide variety of tourism and old world history to share with their visitors, not to mention the different and beautiful landscapes.

The Badminton World Championships in the past has been held only bi-annually but has changed in 2006 to become an exciting annual event that will be held in new places all over the world. The only break that the Badminton World Federation will take from organizing this event yearly is to not schedule the Badminton World Championships every four years. The reason for not having it every four years is to give players and audiences the chance to see the best badminton players in the world play in the Olympics.

The competitors of the Badminton World Championships come from China, Indonesia, Denmark, Canada, United States, England, Malaysia, KOrea, France and Switzerland just to name a few. There is no restriction on what country a player can come from as it is the World Championships.

The Badminton World Championships started in 1977 and first took place in Sweden, since then there have been a host of beautiful cities and countries to host this worldly event. Winning a medal at the World Championships of Badminton is a prestigious and honorable event. The players who have won medals for their countries are honored and privileged much the same as an Olympic medalist.

The Badminton World Championships offer the same medals as the Olympics in the sense of Gold, Silver and Bronze. There are 16 different countries that have held the honor of winning at least a Bronze medal in the Badminton World Championships. Most of the medals have been won by countries in Asia and Europe with Americas and Oceania bringing in a few each.

This year, 2007, the Badminton World Championships will be held in Kuala Lumpur at the Putra Indoor Stadium National Sports Complex from August 13th through the 19th. This stadium is located in the town of Bukit Jalil.

Malaysia is a great place to visit and to go to see the Badminton World Championships would be an exciting and historic occasion. It is only second to watching the Olympic Badminton games and often includes the same competitors as they are truly the best in the world.

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