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The term " Badminton Youth " is associated with the badminton game for a very long time.

It would not be wrong to say that badminton and youth are correlated. The game is referred to as the fastest racket sport in the world. With the unprecedented development in the sports world, this sport has gained immense fame across the globe.

These days, not just the developing nations like China, Malaysia, Indonesia etc. but most of the developed nations in the world are making efforts to make this game popular amongst the youth. There is something really unique with this sport that has made it popular. Nowadays there are many national as well as international societies and groups that are constantly engaged in various activities to make it further popular especially amongst the youth.

For example, the famous European Badminton Youth Network (EBYN) was set up for the youth who had a passion to create a niche in this sport. The main aim of this network is to promote badminton among the youth under 25 years of age. The founders believe that this project is dedicated to the youth, set up by the youth and run by the youth.

In the year 2002 the first meeting for this Network was commenced under the guidance of Jan Ahrberg from Sweden. Ahrberg offered his expert guidance to the group for many years. This veteran coach is still an integral part of this project. The main objective of this group is to offer opportunity, platform and vision for quality exchange and implementation of superb ideas to enhance the development of badminton youth.

The group has produced many winners in the field of badminton. Martin is one of the active members of the European Badminton Youth Network who walked off with an award at the Badminton England Reception in the year 2004. He was selected for other games that came, as a part of his award.

This champion also got an opportunity to cheer Nathan and Gail towards the final of the mixed doubles. Confirmed sources also claim that he received a racket and kit by Yonex National Badminton Youth. Martin slogged hard to make his mark in the world of badminton.

Martin has also participated in assisting coaches, offering helping hand to younger badminton players and officiating. In addition to him, proficient badminton player Michael Simpson was the runner up for Yonex National Badminton Youth Volunteer of the year 2004.

Though there are many other networks but the European Badminton Youth Network is one of the most elite networks that is dedicated to provide assistance for passionate youths in this sport. It consists of its' own badminton warehouse and badminton arena for girls.

There are many scholarships and awards for promising and needy champions in this sport. The project has proved its worth by training many aspiring candidates across the globe. There are many players in this field who have learnt all the necessary skills and expertise in this sport via EBYN.

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