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Basic Badminton Set

Your basic badminton set will need to include at least two must have equipments before you can start to play.

As badminton is a racket sport, you would need to have a badminton racket. This is the first must have equipment. The second equally important and must have equipment is the shuttlecock. Missing any one of it wouldn't be called playing badminton...would it?

When I was younger, I don't even wear shoes to play badminton. I just have the above two things as my badminton set and started playing with my friends...without the net, in the backyard of my house... But I would not recommend this to you as playing bare footed increase the chances of injury as it happened on me many a times.

So the best is still to rent a proper badminton court to play, with shoes of course! When choosing a badminton racket, it is not buying the most expensive one that counts. Nor it is buying the cheapest one. You have to choose one that suits your style of play and of course your budget as well. Visit this page for a more detailed opinion in choosing a Badminton Racket.

Thinking whether to buy or not to buy a YONEX racket? is actually quite tempting to buy a YONEX racket as so many professional players are using it. Whether it is worth its price depends on your situation. Fall in here for a more detailed view on the technologies used in YONEX Rackets.

As for the shuttle, I definitely prefer using the feathered ones. The feelings generated at the point of impact are different from the plastic ones although the plastic shuttlecocks do last longer. Again, it's up to your own personal preference to use which type. However, you need to know that feather shuttlecocks are officially used in all International Badminton Tournaments.

If you are interested in adding other equipments on to your basic badminton set, take a look at this page. You will find further information on other badminton equipments.

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